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Tournament Season Two Leaderboard

The points standings of each competitor participating in Waste|Lands Tournament Season Two are listed below.

PointsHandleLogNotes2023 OI eligible?
5Stephen MossEncounter 1 top 8Encounter 1 winnerYes
4[BF] ChampionEncounter 1 top 82022 Online Kup
Team Bayformers contributor
4frank4321Encounter 1 top 8Yes
4[TROP] KingNagaEncounter 1 top 8TROP contributorYes
4[TROP] OzzyEncounter 1 top 8TROP contributorYes
4VangelusEncounter 1 top 8Yes
4Z-R0EEncounter 1 top 8Yes
3[BF] billmooEncounter 1 participantNot eligible for prize winnings
Team Bayformers contributor
As an emergency bye
3[BF/PP] HawkhammerEncounter 1 participant2022 Casual Kup
Team Bayformers contributor
3[BF/PP] LegendaryEncounter 1 participantTeam Bayformers contributorYes
3JihenEncounter 1 participantYes
3NanoT3chEncounter 1 participant *Yes
3[TROP] SandmanEncounter 1 participantTROP contributorYes
3[TROP] SiliagEncounter 1 participantTROP contributorYes
3[TROP] WheelJankEncounter 1 participantTROP contributorYes
2TravisEncounter 1 partial participant *Yes
* – adjusted by organizer ruling