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The Mission Briefing is over. The future is at Hand!

Announcing the next 1C Open Card candidate! We’ve long wanted to ban Mission Briefing due to its extreme draw power. This wish combined with the fact that it made many draw cards obsolete. Any deck with Battlemasters, Weaponizers, Quintesson Specialists, and the like had an immediate advantage in card draw with Mission Briefing in their decks – and the very existence of the card limited design space greatly. However, the white/green nature of the card was desirable to certain deck comps, so we didn’t want to simply ban Mission Briefing without some sort of replacement. And Hand of Adaptus is that card.

Turbo Revving Old Punks

TROP: Phase One achieves Default Support!

For Turbo Revving Old Punks, they’ve scaled a mountain! After a period of negotiation, collaboration, testing, and edits – Phase One joins its set mate Monster Menagerie and Team Bayformers’ World|Strike in the highest pinnacle of Allied Crossplay support: the esteemed Default Support.

Team Bayformers

Put some Junk in your jank with 0.2.4’s Junkions!

Everyone’s likely cleaning up all the post-holiday junk, but don’t throw this last bit in the trash! We’ve been teasing their arrival since the beginning of the Waste|Lands Public Beta, and they’ve finally arrived. Junkions in the #transformerstcg bring a myriad of surprising – and often, confusing and mystifying – abilities to the battlefield! And they await your download in the Waste|Lands 0.2.4 Public Beta! For starters, check out their peerless leader, Wreck-Gar, The Big Cheese! Now With More Cheese!

Wreck-Gar, The Big Cheese! Now With More Cheese!
Cheesy, to be sure – but you’ll want an extra helping.

Since most of the Junkions and some of the stratagems in Waste|Lands use the new station and Vehicle mechanics, we thought we’d put together an illustrated guide to help. This guide goes through the steps to play stations and Vehicles, in most scenarios of play.

So, what’s next in the Waste|Lands Public Beta? Not much! Already, 153 of the 160 cards in Waste|Lands have been revealed. One final reveal phase remains – then the march to release. If you’re looking at all the cards in Waste|Lands and would like to send us your feedback, use the form! The next couple of weeks will be spent on refinements towards the final 0.2.5 reveal. Stay tuned!

Team Bayformers

Week 3 Winners! Don’t Lose your Light!

The crew of the Lost Light is delivering our final bag of presents to lucky winners in the final week of our giveaway! But how can they call themselves the Lost Light crew… when there are so many holiday lights?

Congratulations to our Week 3 Winners in our Transformers TCG Holiday Giveaway! Freshly loaded into the Lost Light’s cargo bay, 3 printed cards etched with the holiday spirit of the Aspect of Laughter are headed to their mailboxes.

But if you didn’t win free holiday cards this year, fear not! You can print off your own by visiting our Downloads page! But be quick – it’s going away with the New Year.

With the conclusion of our 2021 Holiday Giveaway, I suppose there’s nothing to look forward to when it comes to free cards… except for all the giveaways we’re doing in the New Year! In fact, the end of the holidays only means we’re going to give away even more cards that look just like the ones printed by Hasbro… and there might even be complete sets of World|Strike and other allied crossplay sets up for grabs! Stay tuned for coming announcements soon.

And have a TRANSFORMATIVE New Year!

Team Bayformers

Megatron presents our Holiday Giveaway Week 2 Winners!

Santa may prefer giving to the nice, but Megatron also gives to the naughty! Congratulations to our Week 2 Winners in our Transformers TCG Holiday Giveaway! Freshly loaded into Megatron’s sleigh that suspiciously looks like Astrotrain, 3 printed cards emblazoned with the festive spirit of the Aspect of Laughter are headed to their mailboxes. Again, your input is appreciated as we plan events in the New Year that will appeal to players and fans.

But Megatron always plans ahead, and he’s got one last week’s worth of free holiday promo cards available to players. Indeed, for one more week, we’ll have 8 more sets of the holiday Aspect of Laughter to give away to #transformerstcg fans and players. All you have to do is enter! Our third and FINAL set of winners will be announced next Wednesday. Good luck to all those that enter in our final week. And have a transformative – and TYRANNICAL – New Year! Muwahahaha!

Enter our 2021 Holiday Giveaway! Only ONE week left to win!

Team Bayformers

All the #winning begins in Holiday Giveaway Week 1!

Can you just feel the spirit of giving washing over you this holiday season?! Congratulations to our Week 1 Winners in our Transformers TCG Holiday Giveaway! Already, 3 printed cards emblazoned with the festive spirit of the Aspect of Laughter are headed to their mailboxes. And thanks so much for everyone’s input into the kinds of upcoming Transformers TCG events that will appeal to you in the New Year!

But are you looking for some free holiday cards of your own? It’s not too late to enter the giveaway! Indeed, for the next two weeks, we’ll have 16 more sets of the holiday Aspect of Laughter to give away to #transformerstcg fans and players. All you have to do is enter! Our second set of winners will be announced next Wednesday. Good luck to all those yet to win cards. And have a TRANSFORMATIVE New Year!

Enter our 2021 Holiday Giveaway! Only 2 weeks left to win!

Team Bayformers

Here’s a holiday giveaway from Team Bayformers!

It’s December, and you know what that means – it’s holiday promo time! Team Bayformers only offers the holiday alt-arts version of the World|Strike card Aspect of Laughter once a year. If you’d like to print it out for yourself, check out our Downloads page.

But this year for US residents, this isn’t the only way to get the cards! Each week for three weeks, we will be giving away 8 printed sets of the holiday Aspect of Laughter. Each winner will receive 3 cards total in a top loader. Just fill out the survey at the link below and, if you’re selected, we’ll send you your cards! If you are a member of our Discord server and enter your Discord name/handle, you’ll receive 2 entries to the giveaway instead of 1! 8 winners will be selected on each of the following Wednesdays: the 8th, 15th, and 22nd. Weekly winners will be announced on the Team Bayformers Facebook page, on our social media channels, and right here at

Enter yourself into our Holiday Giveaway here!

Please fill out all information so that, if selected, we can send you your cards. Only people located in the US are eligible to receive cards. Be on the lookout for future giveaways coming during the post-Season One extravaganza in January! Only one entry per household for this giveaway.

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What did the Transformers TCG community say in the latest survey?

Recently, Brian Alan of Wreck ‘N Rule fame released to the Transformers TCG community a survey on their experiences in the current game. The trove of data that was returned by the community demands analysis and response! Here’s what that data means to Team Bayformers and the allied crossplay community – and the changes it leads to.

But be prepared going into the article. It’s an extremely hefty read.

Read our analysis and reactions to the October 2021 community survey here!

Articles Transformers TCG

October 2021 Survey and Analysis

A recently issued survey for the #transformerstcg community promised an updated finger-on-the-pulse for the players. Sadly, it’s been over a year since the game’s cancellation, and a question quickly became apparent:

“How many responses are we actually going to get?”

Despite that, the return rate was nearly 70% of the January 2021 responses! There are still many players that are active and passionate enough to see the game continue into the far future. Moreover, the survey results were interesting enough to justify this formal response and analysis from the Team.

Here’s the long and the short of it: We hear your voices, and we’re making adjustments. Together, players and creators can shape the future of the #transformerstcg!

Transformers TCG

These four starter decks are fantastic!

Beginners to the Transformers TCG! We’ve put together some of our favorite starter decks in a new article! Additionally, we’ve included information on where you can get low-cost cards and cards for trade to buff up your collection.

Check out our starter decks and let us know how they play!