Get Rolling with Rolling Actions!

The new Rolling Actions in Wave BFB Waste|Lands have been getting a huge pop in the community! Already players are talking about possibilities for play and constructing Rolling Action decks. But a few have asked, “How do you play these new Actions?” Check our guide on Rolling Actions above. With the right setup, a player can set up a strategy to take advantage of a carefully placed array of Rolling Actions to achieve victory!

This week’s got even more surprises coming for players tuned into the Waste|Lands Public Beta. The reception to the 0.2.1 testing phase has set records! This leads to the next phase – 0.2.2 – and all-new cards and mechanics that the community has yet to see and test! Check back this weekend for the still-developing future of the #transformerstcg.

Want to check out the Waste|Lands 0.2.1 Public Beta? You can download the cards, provide feedback, and even play the cards online in our Discord!

Ark Bayformers Turbo Revving Old Punks

Video: Megatron vs. Tidal Wave

Could it be a Waste|Lands reveal video? It is! Thanks to friends of the community Dave and Claire from the Energon Hustlers for this sneak peek into Megatron, Sharkticon Tyrant! Watch what happens when Tidal Wave attacks his Aquarium of Death. This one combines cards from TROP Phase One, The Ark Wave One, World|Strike, and Waste|Lands!

Want to get a closer look at Megatron, Sharkticon Tyrant? Here’s a exclusive closer look at the 0.2.1 version.

Megatron, Sharkticon Tyrant

Reveal: Decepticon Wingthing, Loyal, Lethal Cohort

“It ain’t nothing but a Wingthing!” That’s what your #transformerstcg opponent might say when Decepticon Wingthing emerges on your team, but we guarantee your Soundwave deck will be grateful for his batty presence.

Let’s start with that alt mode ability. Stealth while untapped is always nice (and is a staple with many cassettes). However, that move damage clause will fire more than you think with the right deck composition! Not only will Recover Cassette repair Wingthing to full when he ejects again from Soundwave or Blaster, but he will also lend a hand with a moved damage counter from a teammate. Obviously, Wingthing getting KO’d will also move damage, but a handy I Still Function! or Involuntary Promotion will also do extra work here.

The bot mode ability also provides some spice! So many cards place cards on top of decks (Plan abilities, Incoming Transmission, Mining Pick, etc., etc., etc.), but likely the most relevant is Soundwave himself and his related battle card Intercept Communications. Wingthing may actually bring this underutilized star card back into the rotation!

Do you think Decepticon Wingthing is fly? Do his abilities leave you all wrapped up in tape? Come let us know in the Waste|Lands Public Beta! You can download the Beta cards, provide Beta feedback, and even join our Discord, where the majority of testing is occurring. See you on the Waste|Lands!


Weekly Roundup: Waste|Lands Beta, Encounter 4, and more!

Without a doubt, this has been one of the biggest weeks in Team Bayformers history! The Waste|Lands Public Beta started, Encounter 4 was announced, and more! Rather than split up all of the announcements and events of the past week, we’ve compiled them here for your convenience (and hype). Here’s everything that’s happening in the world of Team Bayformers #transformerstcg.


Bay Diving: Encountering ATP

We’re getting back into the swing of things with new #transformerstcg articles! World|Strike Tournament Season One is currently continuing its tear through the #transformerstcg competitive scene. We’ve been seeing community cards in a whole new light via the crucible of competitive play. Our last event, Encounter 2, featured an unprecedented mix of community cards: Wave BFA World|Strike from your Team Bayformers, and ATP 1-3 from Alpha Trion Protocols!

That event has since concluded, with surprising results that we’re eager to sink our analytical teeth into. Our first analysis will look at some of the more memorable ATP cards that made an appearance in Encounter 2 decks. Here are a few cards from ATP that made a deep impression – and also some truly epic games.


Break This! – a #transformerstcg event like no other

Most Team Bayformers events are highly curated, controlled affairs. In fact, we take pride in thoughtfully crafting every aspect of our events. We take the time to thoroughly and regularly review our banlists, structure, and themes.

Except – for a few short days in the Tournament Season. On these rare days of dread, the chaos that lurks in crossplay fully emerges and threatens all players. Instead of a strict, sequential bracket, players are playing willy-nilly with decks constructed from a wide selection of creator sets available to the community. Moreover, only a few play to win – in fact, the winners of these days of discord are forever recorded in shame. But by what name shall these tournaments of horror and disdain be known?

Behold and despair; it’s BREAK THIS!

The Nature of the Bay-east

Above all, Break This! is two things: a celebration of the rich content of community sets, and a tragedy of disastrous proportions when those sets are mixed without curation. In Break This!, players indulge in their darkest urges to create the most broken deck possible, using cards from across the community creator spectrum. Additionally, this one-day horror show of broken gameplay happens only for a few hours entirely on TableTop Simulator!

Any community cards offered within CKirk’s Transformers TCG Deck Building add-on for TableTop Simulator are available for your decks! What kind of busted, overpowered deck can you make with thousands and thousands of community cards at your fingertips?

“Rules” and “structure”?

Despite the chaotic nature of the event, some basics are in place to maximize enjoyment – even as some players cry out in pain and anguish.

What, a banlist?!?

Even Break This! has a banlist. This is due not to an aversion to broken gameplay – rather, because of a preference for novel broken gameplay. No one wants to play against a Daring Escape or Sergeant Cog deck they’ve seen a hundred times already.

The current Break This! banlist includes:

  • Swap Parts
  • Press the Advantage
  • Multi-Mission Gear
  • Sergeant Springer
  • Daring Escape
  • Peace Through Tyranny
  • Security Checkpoint
  • Questionable Moral (from Zero Hour Heat 0)

This banlist will grow over time as more Break This! events further inflict trauma upon our psyches.

Break This! decks are still valid decks

Sure, some of the gameplay in Break This! is stupid broken. All the same, players should construct their decks as they normally would, using the regular constructed deck rules. Players that roll into the event with a 5-wide Galaxy Primes deck with 20 Energy Packs “because the event is broken” will be asked to use another, more valid deck.

Register decklists with Team Bayformers

Before the start of the event, players will need to submit their decklists via our Contact Form. Be sure to do this at least a day in advance of the event so that organizers can contact you if there’s a problem.

Beginning of the event

All players will gather in the #tournament-chat channel on the Team Bayformers Discord. Organizers (typically identified by their [BF] prefixes) will ensure all players are registered and basic details are gathered.

Starting up broken games

Once the event starts, pairings will be assigned and announced in #tournament-chat. It is up to the players to share TTS game server details with each other and the event organizers. Paired players can and should use one of the empty Standard Voice channels to play their match out. If any players have difficulty with their match, they can ask an organizer to do any of the following:

  • Launch a TTS server for the match
  • Share a deck (in case a deck wasn’t prepared before the event)
  • Make more Standard Voice channels in Discord
  • Run a deck check
  • Make a ruling
  • Ask for advice

Keeping it fun – the “emergency eject” option

Each paired player is expected to play at least one game with each other. However, due to the nature of the event, players might feel the need to reach for a life preserver in order to maintain fun. Here’s a few options to hit the ejection seat button if your match is degrading into a Negative Player experience.

  • If, due to the mechanics of the opponent’s deck, the opponent’s turn lasts more than three minutes, you may choose to eject from the match and ask the organizers to record the match as a draw.
  • When, due to the power level of the opponent’s deck, the opponent wins the first match and over 20 health remains on the opponent’s characters, you may choose to eject and ask the organizers to record the match as a 1-2 loss for you, the ejecting player.
  • If, due to the speed of the opponent’s deck, the opponent wins the first match before the end of their third turn, you may choose to eject and ask the organizers to record the match as a 1-2 loss for you, the ejecting player.

However, organizers are on the lookout for decks or pilots that might be overly toxic. If, for any reason, you’re not having fun against a specific deck or player, let the organizers know.

Ending the match, and the pain – for the moment

At the end of each match, both players report their results (and if either player hit the emergency eject and reason). Each player’s raffle tickets will be created and stuffed into the Break This! “Ugly Hat” (see Prizing below). If players are available at the end of your match, a new pairing will be made and it’s Game On once again! This will repeat until the end of the event.

Keep the Break This! theme in mind (and have fun!)

Remember, the theme of Break This! is broken gameplay. No one should enter the event expecting balanced mechanics. Players will have more fun if they embrace the highly-busted nature of uncurated crossplay. Besides, it’s silly to get salty or mad about this kind of event! Players should still show good sportsmanship and encourage all participants to have a great time. And remember – just because the cards are broken doesn’t mean you can cheat. Don’t do it!

Be as flashy as Michael Bay with loot from Break This!
Be as flashy as Michael Bay with loot from Break This!

Prizes for chaos and masochism

Let the Ugly Hat decide your material worth

After every match is reported, a pair of raffle tickets will be made with the players’ handles and thrown into the Ugly Hat. These tickets are not dependent on wins or losses! The more games players play within the event schedule, the more raffle tickets they can earn! But keep in mind that a minimum of 40 minutes of time must be spent on a match, regardless if a player has conceded early or hit the eject button. Quitting games early is not a valid strategy for acquiring tickets! When time is called at the end of the event, players will be allowed to play out their matches and acquire their final tickets.

At the prize gala at the end of Break This!, the dice will be rolled and a random prize item from the event prize list will be up for the Ugly Hat’s selection. A single ticket will be drawn from the Ugly Hat, and the name on the ticket will be announced. That person will have the opportunity to win the item or go back into the hat – each Break This participant is eligible for only one prize! This process continues until all prizes are given or no more eligible names are available.

But players – don’t worry if you don’t win anything from the Ugly Hat. All participants that play two or more matches will be eligible for an exclusive art print featuring Team Bayformers card art! So be sure to give your mailing address to the organizers at the beginning of the event.

The dreaded Break This! Wall of Shame

But we haven’t forgotten about our wretched Break This! event winners. Not at all. Those awful players that have taken the time and effort to make the most broken deck of Break This! will be recorded for all time in our Break This! Wall of Shame. Moreover, there’s a very good chance their decks will end up on our permanent Break This! banlist. Let all #transformerstcg players lament the names of shame, and despair.

Join us! You won’t regret it… well, actually, you might

Twisted enough to join our next Break This! event? Join the Team Bayformers Discord and get the skinny on all of our upcoming events!


Community Content

Despite the cancellation of the official game by Hasbro and WotC, the #transformerstcg game is better than ever! And it’s not just Team Bayformers creating new content for the game. In fact, many new gameplay experiences exist via the hard work of other community creator groups. And it’s not just cards! There are also all-new digital ways to play the game as well.

If you are a community creator and would like to be included on this page or make edits, contact us.

Team Bayformers Supported Sets

The following table features community content that receives Team Bayformers’ primary support for our gaming events.

Creative TeamReleasesFocus
Team BayformersWorld|Strike, Waste|Lands (currently in Public Beta)competitive, casual
The ArkThe Ark Wave Onecasual, competitive
Turbo Revving Old PunksPhase Onecasual
Legendary VoidThe Galactic Odysseycasual (Primus)

Other Community Sets

Just because the groups above get most of the Team’s support doesn’t mean we leave out everyone else! You’ll often see content from the groups below being featured in our regular casual play. Many of the creators below are active and outstanding members of the Team Bayformers community! Have you checked out our Crossplay Casual League yet?

Creative TeamReleasesFocus
BotchTheCrabSEACONS Custom Setcasual
Brian AlanSolo Encounter: Predaconscasual
Heidi BennerTF 86M Set 1casual
KingNagaStudio Collection Wave 1casual
Legendary VoidWave X
Rules of Disengagement
Randy HillBeast Wars Maximals | Predaconscasual
RhodeFormersOur Alliescasual
Spencer “Clone” BZero Hourcasual, competitive
The ArkUnicron Raidcasual
Alpha Trion Protocols
ATP 1-2, ATP 3, Primus Pack 1competitive

Digital Gameplay

The state of #transformerstcg gameplay during COVID-19 required different ways to enjoy the game, and contributors focused on the digital experience delivered! Without the hard work of developers and programmers, there’s no way the community would have flourished during the pandemic. Check out all the non-analog ways to play!

Transformers TCG Deck BuildingCKirkTableTop Simulator
Transformers TCGMyriadTableTop Simulator
Transformers TCG The Card GameStarblazedTableTop Simulator

Online Resources

As official support for the #transformerstcg diminishes, the community has stepped up! Here are our favorite online resources still providing active support for gameplay.

AequitasStanding rules committee, FAQ and rulings
Teletraan 1Information about official and community cards, deck builder, collecting, other valuable resources
fortressmaximus.ioInformation about official cards, deck builder, articles
Computron’s LabQuantitative deck-building articles

Did we leave any out? Contact us with additions, suggestions, and updates!


Wave BFA World|Strike 1.0 Released!

Wait no more! #teambayformers is pleased to bring you the official 1.0 release of Wave BFA World|Strike. Get your cards today!

We’re going to give all #transformerstcg players a little bit of time to get to know the cards in World|Strike – but don’t get too comfortable! In 4 weeks time comes the official 2021 World|Strike Tournament Season. Details are coming on our upcoming season, but put February 8th on your calendar and prepare for everything we have in store. Expect the unexpected as the first community-set crossplay tournaments head for the nearest gaming table!


Reveal: Crash the Bash

Oh, we know that “spoiler season” for Wave BFA World|Strike is over… but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about awesome cards! So how about we talk about crashing the next Transformers TCG party with the power of the Squeeze? And this one was brought to you by the line art talents of Bayformers’ very own billmoo and the fantastic colors of KrinSyn!

When Wave 5 was released, and players started discovering the utilities (and horrors) of Fangry and Horri-Bull, something was missing. Where, oh where, was the last of the original G1 Small Headmasters? Where was the crabbiest of the Nebulon-partnered Decepticons? As one that grew up with a treasured Squeezeplay, I felt the void immensely.


Bay Diving: Interrogating ATP-2

As anyone that keeps up with us via social media knows, we at Bayformers love going on at length about the nitty gritty details of the #transformerstcg – maybe, to a fault. Rather than building too many giant walls of text in your social media channel of choice, we’re going to begin writing a series of articles right here at that explore the hills and valleys of the vast gameplay landscape that is the post-Hasbro/WotC Transformers TCG. For those with the fortitude and the attention span, we hope to inspire many new decks to come. Hence, we dive deep – into what we call Bay Diving!