Community Content

Despite the cancellation of the official game by Hasbro and WotC, the #transformerstcg game is better than ever! And it’s not just Team Bayformers creating new content for the game. In fact, many new gameplay experiences exist via the hard work of other community creator groups. And it’s not just cards! There’s also all-new digital ways to play the game as well.

If you are a community creator and would like to be included on this page or make edits, contact us.

Team Bayformers Supported Sets

The following table features community content that receives Team Bayformers’ primary support for most of our gaming events.

Creative TeamReleasesFocus
Team BayformersWorld|Strikecompetitive, casual
The ArkUnicron Raid
The Ark Wave One
casual, competitive

Other Community Sets

Just because the groups above get most of the Team’s support doesn’t mean we leave out everyone else! You’ll often see content from the groups below being featured in our regular casual play. Many of the creators below are active and outstanding members of the Team Bayformers community! Have you checked out our Crossplay Casual League yet?

Creative TeamReleasesFocus
Legendary VoidWave X
Rules of Disengagement
casual, competitive
Randy HillBeast Wars Maximals | Predaconscasual
RhodeFormersOur Alliescasual
Spencer “Clone” BZero Hourcasual, competitive
Turbo Revvin’ Old PunksAlpha set announcedcasual
vectorsigma.infoATP 1-2, ATP 3, Primus Pack 1competitive

Digital Gameplay

The state of #transformerstcg gameplay during COVID-19 required different ways to enjoy the game, and contributors focused on the digital experience delivered! Without the hard work of developers and programmers, there’s no way the community would have flourished during the pandemic. Check out all the non-analog ways to play!

Transformers TCG Deck BuildingCKirkTableTop Simulator
Transformers TCGMyriadTableTop Simulator
Transformers TCG The Card GameStarblazedTableTop Simulator

Online Resources

As official support for the #transformerstcg diminishes, the community has stepped up! Here’s our favorite online resources still providing active support for gameplay.

AequitasStanding rules committee, FAQ and rulings
Teletraan 1Information about official and community cards, deck builder, collecting, other valuable resources
fortressmaximus.ioInformation about official cards, deck builder, articles
Computron’s LabQuantitative deck-building articles

Did we leave any out? Contact us with additions, suggestions, and updates!


Wave BFA World|Strike 1.0 Released!

Wait no more! #teambayformers is pleased to bring you the official 1.0 release of Wave BFA World|Strike. Get your cards today!

We’re going to give all #transformerstcg players a little bit of time to get to know the cards in World|Strike – but don’t get too comfortable! In 4 weeks time comes the official 2021 World|Strike Tournament Season. Details are coming on our upcoming season, but put February 8th on your calendar and prepare for everything we have in store. Expect the unexpected as the first community-set crossplay tournaments head for the nearest gaming table!


Reveal: Crash the Bash

Oh, we know that “spoiler season” for Wave BFA World|Strike is over… but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about awesome cards! So how about we talk about crashing the next Transformers TCG party with the power of the Squeeze? And this one was brought to you by the line art talents of Bayformers’ very own billmoo and the fantastic colors of KrinSyn!

When Wave 5 was released, and players started discovering the utilities (and horrors) of Fangry and Horri-Bull, something was missing. Where, oh where, was the last of the original G1 Small Headmasters? Where was the crabbiest of the Nebulon-partnered Decepticons? As one that grew up with a treasured Squeezeplay, I felt the void immensely.


Bay Diving: Interrogating ATP-2

As anyone that keeps up with us via social media knows, we at Bayformers love going on at length about the nitty gritty details of the #transformerstcg – maybe, to a fault. Rather than building too many giant walls of text in your social media channel of choice, we’re going to begin writing a series of articles right here at that explore the hills and valleys of the vast gameplay landscape that is the post-Hasbro/WotC Transformers TCG. For those with the fortitude and the attention span, we hope to inspire many new decks to come. Hence, we dive deep – into what we call Bay Diving!

Bayformers is Live!

Welcome, #transformerstcg community. We’re pleased to finally get our website up and running for everyone. There’s a number of items we’re looking forward to having available here, including galleries and card previews – and not just for Bayformers releases! We’ll keep you posted via our social media channels when they go up.