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The Omega Invitational begins on the 28th. Enter our multiple giveaways!

It just wouldn’t be an allied crossplay #transformerstcg event on the level of the Omega Invitational without a generous helping of giveaways for all players! In fact, we’ll have a selection of giveaways each week until the Omega Invitational Grand Finals. You only need to enter once to win – though the entire Omega Invitational celebration is loaded with promo codes!

Ark Team Bayformers Turbo Revving Old Punks

Video: Megatron vs. Tidal Wave

Could it be a Waste|Lands reveal video? It is! Thanks to friends of the community Dave and Claire from the Energon Hustlers for this sneak peek into Megatron, Sharkticon Tyrant! Watch what happens when Tidal Wave attacks his Aquarium of Death. This one combines cards from TROP Phase One, The Ark Wave One, World|Strike, and Waste|Lands!

Want to get a closer look at Megatron, Sharkticon Tyrant? Here’s a exclusive closer look at the 0.2.1 version.

Megatron, Sharkticon Tyrant
Team Bayformers

Reveal: Decepticon Wingthing, Loyal, Lethal Cohort

“It ain’t nothing but a Wingthing!” That’s what your #transformerstcg opponent might say when Decepticon Wingthing emerges on your team, but we guarantee your Soundwave deck will be grateful for his batty presence.

Let’s start with that alt mode ability. Stealth while untapped is always nice (and is a staple with many cassettes). However, that move damage clause will fire more than you think with the right deck composition! Not only will Recover Cassette repair Wingthing to full when he ejects again from Soundwave or Blaster, but he will also lend a hand with a moved damage counter from a teammate. Obviously, Wingthing getting KO’d will also move damage, but a handy I Still Function! or Involuntary Promotion will also do extra work here.

The bot mode ability also provides some spice! So many cards place cards on top of decks (Plan abilities, Incoming Transmission, Mining Pick, etc., etc., etc.), but likely the most relevant is Soundwave himself and his related battle card Intercept Communications. Wingthing may actually bring this underutilized star card back into the rotation!

Do you think Decepticon Wingthing is fly? Do his abilities leave you all wrapped up in tape? Come let us know in the Waste|Lands Public Beta! You can download the Beta cards, provide Beta feedback, and even join our Discord, where the majority of testing is occurring. See you on the Waste|Lands!

Team Bayformers

Weekly Roundup: Waste|Lands Beta, Encounter 4, and more!

Without a doubt, this has been one of the biggest weeks in Team Bayformers history! The Waste|Lands Public Beta started, Encounter 4 was announced, and more! Rather than split up all of the announcements and events of the past week, we’ve compiled them here for your convenience (and hype). Here’s everything that’s happening in the world of Team Bayformers #transformerstcg.

Alpha Trion Protocols Articles

Bay Diving: Encountering ATP

Editor’s note

We at have been covering the creator community of the Transformers TCG since the game’s cancellation, and Team Bayformers itself has been involved in the competitive scene of the game since Wave 1.

At the beginning of the “creator-driven” phase of the game post-cancellation, we began covering content from most major groups. We also began hosting events featuring that content. At the time of this article’s publication in May 2021, this remained true. Since that time, the central creators within Vector Sigma/ATP have indicated that they do not desire nor appreciate objective (even when positive) coverage and event support of their content. In some cases, they’ve been less than gracious with news of this coverage and support. They’ve openly accused creators and organizers that include their content of bias, stealing clout, and worse.

Given this – what we would characterize as behavior against the broader creator community – we have stopped covering their content. Additionally, we no longer support ATP content in our regular events. We believe other capable, collaboration-minded creators are more deserving of our coverage and support. We continue to cover community content outside of ATP. As such, we also regularly feature other creators’ content in events under the “allied crossplay” ideal of the Transformers TCG.

At the same time, we understand that many that participate in Team Bayformers / allied crossplay would like, at minimum, support for some select parts of ATP gameplay. We are exploring ways to eventually bring portions of their content that are not overly disruptive to our gameplay meta into the allied crossplay scene.

And now, the rest of the article…

We’re getting back into the swing of things with new #transformerstcg articles! World|Strike Tournament Season One is currently continuing its tear through the #transformerstcg competitive scene. We’ve been seeing community cards in a whole new light via the crucible of competitive play. Our last event, Encounter 2, featured an unprecedented mix of community cards: Wave BFA World|Strike from your Team Bayformers, and ATP 1-3 from Alpha Trion Protocols!

That event has since concluded, with surprising results that we’re eager to sink our analytical teeth into. Our first analysis will look at some of the more memorable ATP cards that made an appearance in Encounter 2 decks. Here are a few cards from ATP that made a deep impression – and also some truly epic games.

Team Bayformers

Wave BFA World|Strike 1.0 Released!

Wait no more! #teambayformers is pleased to bring you the official 1.0 release of Wave BFA World|Strike. Get your cards today!

We’re going to give all #transformerstcg players a little bit of time to get to know the cards in World|Strike – but don’t get too comfortable! In 4 weeks time comes the official 2021 World|Strike Tournament Season. Details are coming on our upcoming season, but put February 8th on your calendar and prepare for everything we have in store. Expect the unexpected as the first community-set crossplay tournaments head for the nearest gaming table!

Team Bayformers

Reveal: Crash the Bash

Oh, we know that “spoiler season” for Wave BFA World|Strike is over… but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about awesome cards! So how about we talk about crashing the next Transformers TCG party with the power of the Squeeze? And this one was brought to you by the line art talents of Bayformers’ very own billmoo and the fantastic colors of KrinSyn!

When Wave 5 was released, and players started discovering the utilities (and horrors) of Fangry and Horri-Bull, something was missing. Where, oh where, was the last of the original G1 Small Headmasters? Where was the crabbiest of the Nebulon-partnered Decepticons? As one that grew up with a treasured Squeezeplay, I felt the void immensely.

Team Bayformers is Live!

Welcome, #transformerstcg community. We’re pleased to finally get our website up and running for everyone. There’s a number of items we’re looking forward to having available here, including galleries and card previews – and not just for Bayformers releases! We’ll keep you posted via our social media channels when they go up.