Team Bayformers Turbo Revving Old Punks

Ozzy tells us how to win with Metroplex!

We’ve been pleased to feature Transformers TCG gameplay articles from guest writers here on the site, and the latest to hit the scene comes hot and fresh from Ozzy! Today, he’ll be going into detail on his 2nd place 2022 Omega Invitational deck, featuring the mighty Autobot City Metroplex. Get truly cosmopolitan with all of the listed cards and strategies within.

Read everything there is to know about “My Kind of Town” – Ozzy’s 2nd place OI Metroplex deck!

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It’s the last day to download Lokos!

For those that play the #transformerstcg a little bit Lokos! You only have one more day to download the April Fools Promo Lokos. Visit the Team Bayformers Downloads page if you’re looking to print your own.

But for those looking for a free, shiny, sparkly, foil, physical version of Promo Lokos in their mailbox, you can still enter the #OmegaInvitational Giveaways to receive him! Just enter the promo code PRIM in your entry (or edit your existing entry). Plus, entering the OI Giveaways gets you in the running for our final week of giveaways. The prize pool includes full sets of allied crossplay cards! But time is limited. It’s all over when the OI Grand Finals crowns the #BaystInTheWorld!

Events Team Bayformers Turbo Revving Old Punks

Omega Invitational Daily Roundup for March 27th

This is the Daily Roundup for the 2022 #OmegaInvitational for Sunday, March 27th. We’ve got roughly 24 hours before the start of the season finale for allied crossplay – here’s all of the daily news packaged up for you for easy consumption.

Events Team Bayformers Transformers TCG Turbo Revving Old Punks

The Omega Invitational begins on the 28th. Enter our multiple giveaways!

It just wouldn’t be an allied crossplay #transformerstcg event on the level of the Omega Invitational without a generous helping of giveaways for all players! In fact, we’ll have a selection of giveaways each week until the Omega Invitational Grand Finals. You only need to enter once to win – though the entire Omega Invitational celebration is loaded with promo codes!

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Weekly Roundup: Waste|Lands Beta, Encounter 4, and more!

Without a doubt, this has been one of the biggest weeks in Team Bayformers history! The Waste|Lands Public Beta started, Encounter 4 was announced, and more! Rather than split up all of the announcements and events of the past week, we’ve compiled them here for your convenience (and hype). Here’s everything that’s happening in the world of Team Bayformers #transformerstcg.