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Bay Diving: Interrogating ATP-2

Editor’s note

We at have been covering the creator community of the Transformers TCG since the game’s cancellation, and Team Bayformers itself has been involved in the competitive scene of the game since Wave 1.

At the beginning of the “creator-driven” phase of the game post-cancellation, we began covering content from most major groups. We also began hosting events featuring that content. At the time of this article’s publication in November 2020, this remained true. Since that time, the central creators within Vector Sigma/ATP have indicated that they do not desire nor appreciate objective (even when positive) coverage and event support of their content. In some cases, they’ve been less than gracious with news of this coverage and support. They’ve openly accused creators and organizers that include their content of bias, stealing clout, and worse.

Given this – what we would characterize as behavior against the broader creator community – we have stopped covering their content. Additionally, we no longer support ATP content in our regular events. We believe other capable, collaboration-minded creators are more deserving of our coverage and support. We continue to cover community content outside of ATP. As such, we also regularly feature other creators’ content in events under the “allied crossplay” ideal of the Transformers TCG.

At the same time, we understand that many that participate in Team Bayformers / allied crossplay would like, at minimum, support for some select parts of ATP gameplay. We are exploring ways to eventually bring portions of their content that are not overly disruptive to our gameplay meta into the allied crossplay scene.

And now, the rest of the article…

As anyone that keeps up with us via social media knows, we at Bayformers love going on at length about the nitty-gritty details of the #transformerstcg – maybe, to a fault. Rather than building too many giant walls of text in your social media channel of choice, we’re going to begin writing a series of articles right here at that explore the hills and valleys of the vast gameplay landscape that is the post-Hasbro/WotC Transformers TCG. For those with the fortitude and the attention span, we hope to inspire many new decks to come. Hence, we dive deep – into what we call Bay Diving!