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Legal / Ban List for Team Bayformers events

This page details cards allowed and banned by default in Team Bayformers events. Individual events may include or ban cards outside of this list. Please see individual event details to determine what is legal or banned.

Legal: Default Sets

The following table features official and community content that receives default support for all gaming events hosted by Team Bayformers.

Creative TeamReleasesFocus
Hasbro/ Wizards of the CoastWave 1-5competitive, casual
Team BayformersWorld|Strike, Team Bayformers 1C Open cardscompetitive, casual
Turbo Revving Old PunksMonster Menageriecasual
Legendary VoidThe Galactic Odyssey (Primus only)party, casual

Provisionally Legal: Supported Sets

The following table features community content that is often featured in Team Bayformers events, and is due to receive default support pending either active harmonization efforts or an official release.

Creative TeamReleasesFocus
Team BayformersWaste|Lands (currently in Public Beta)competitive, casual
The ArkThe Ark Wave Onecasual, competitive
Turbo Revving Old PunksPhase Onecasual

House Rules

Team Bayformers has the following house rules in effect for all events (unless otherwise specified). These rules may conflict with rulings and events elsewhere in the Transformers TCG community.

Belligerence / End Hostilities

Until Aequitas provides more clarity to the interaction between Belligerence and End Hostilities, Team Bayformers chooses Technomagus’s interpretation that both cards provide replacement effects that cancel each other out.

Black pips

Each black pip flipped by an attacking player provides Pierce 1 to the attacking character until end of battle. This is as opposed to the official rules, where they provide Pierce 1 until end of turn. This removes a major inconsistency in pip mechanics, and brings black pips in line with other pip colors. Aequitas rulings and established Transformers TCG rules here are irrelevant. This is a conscious choice by Team Bayformers (with input from players) to improve gameplay.

Banned: WotC Ban List

The default WotC ban list is permanently in effect for all events (unless otherwise specified).

Banned: Team Bayformers Ban List

Additionally, one character card and three battle cards from the core game are permanently banned for all events (unless otherwise specified).

Banned: Any Card in an Event-specific Garrus-9 List

Be aware that many Team Bayformers’ events are run under their official competitive format: Garrus-9. In the Garrus-9 format, events feature a rotating, temporary ban list.

Before each Garrus-9 event, a number of cards are banned that either frequently appear in decks or are linchpins for high-placing decks in the meta. These bans last for one or more events. Once their time in the Garrus-9 list is over, their imminent return is loudly broadcast in Team Bayformers channels before the event of their return.

Occasionally, Garrus-9 lists include more generic rules. When present, a “probation” rule prohibits a type of card.

Current Garrus-9 List