Donate to Team Bayformers

Bringing new and exciting gameplay to the Transformers TCG community has been a labor of love for the Team. To do this, we’ve utilized tens of thousands of people-hours and dozens of artist commissions to deliver new gameplay experiences. In that effort, we’ve supplied some of the best gameplay and tournament prize support in the community.

However, we’d like this to be a more sustainable endeavor. Many in the community have asked for the ability to contribute to prize support and artist commissions. In this endeavor, we are currently accepting PayPal donations.

To promote transparency, we publicly report all outside donations via our Charitable Contributions sheet. This sheet documents expenditures from contributions so that donors and observers can track how and when money is used.

If you would like to contribute to Team Bayformers and assist with the costs of producing art and prize support, donate here:

Discord Server Boost

Boost our Discord Server!

You might want to monetarily contribute to the community initiatives of Team Bayformers, but a direct donation doesn’t work for you. If so, you can also support us by boosting our Discord server! For $5 US a month, you can help our Discord server acquire additional features and visually show your community support! See the Discord FAQ on how to boost.

If you have any questions or concerns about monetary contributions, contact us.