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Crossplay Casual League Season One

At Team Bayformers, we invest deeply in competitive #transformerstcg gameplay. You may have spotted Team Bayformers players in a webcam tournament near you! However, we haven’t forgotten about playing fun, casual games at our FLGS tables.

To promote less competitive and more social gameplay, we’ve launched the Crossplay Casual League!


Those in the Team Bayformers Discord that play casual games using cards from World|Strike, The Ark Wave One, Alpha Trion Protocols, and from other creators can log their games in the #casual-results channel. Players can use the following command:

{@first-player-handle} #number-of-wins {@second-player-handle} #number-of-wins


@[BF] billmoo 2 @[BF] Champion 1 ggz!

All participants in the Crossplay Casual League that records 25 or more casual games by the end of Tournament Season One will be eligible to receive a Gilthor, Chained Amalgamation Alt mode print, courtesy of Team Bayformers (minus shipping costs). In addition, the top 3 participants by number of games played will be eligible for prizes (minus shipping costs)!

The following prizes will be available for the winners of Crossplay Casual League at the end of Season One:

Keep in mind that the number of games played is the most important statistic! Feel free to play jank and have fun with your fellow players – without having to worry too much about your win/loss record.

To check the Crossplay Casual League leaderboard, type the following command in #casual-results:

!leaderboard 50 year

Crossplay Casual Challenges

Each week, we like to mix things up a little! A new challenge is issued every Friday to all casual players that include predetermined challenge cards in their decks! Each challenge has a reporting code that should be included in reporting the games in the #casual-results channel; the specific reporting code can be found in the table at the bottom of this section.

For example , if a match is played where both players accepted different challenges (in this case, [BF] billmoo accepted the character challenge and [BF] Champion accepted the stratagem challenge) for the week of 9 April 2021, the challenge credits could be reported using a command like the following in the #casual-results channel:

@[BF] billmoo 1 @[BF] Champion 2 [BF] Champion used the challenge !CW1S and [BF] billmoo did challenge !CW1C

At the end of Season One, the challenge tallies will be accrued and the leading casual challengers will be eligible for additional prizes to be announced soon.

Here’s the challenges for upcoming weeks. You need only include a challenge stratagem, challenge character, or all 3 challenge battle cards in your deck to qualify – not all three types of cards (you can include all 3 types if you want to, though you will only get 1 credit per matchup). At the end of each match, you must show your opponent the 3 challenge battle cards in your deck if you choose to include the 3 challenge battle cards in your deck. You cannot sideboard the challenge cards out – they must remain in your deck for the length of the match.

Weekly CCC’s

WeekTypeNameReporting code
9 April 2021CharacterLokos!CW1C
9 April 2021Battle Cards3x Judicial Discretion!CW1B
9 April 2021StratagemQuite a Haul!CW1S
16 April 2021CharacterInquisitor Drebzik!CW2C
16 April 2021Battle Cards3x Sharkticon Mace from The Ark Wave One!CW2BAW1
16 April 2021StratagemKneel Before Us!CW2S
23 April 2021CharacterSunstreaker, Ruthless Sociopath from Wave X!CW3WX
23 April 2021Battle Cards3x The Dweller Awakens!CW3B
23 April 2021StratagemDeath Crystal Cannon!CW3S
30 April 2021CharacterGeneral Ghyrik!CW4C
30 April 2021Battle Cards3x Gift of Innermost Energon!CW4B
30 April 2021StratagemEnigma of Combination from Reformatted!CW4SER
7 May 2021CharacterRed Wizard / Mara-Al-Utha!CW5C
7 May 2021Battle Cards3x Unfathomable Motives from Wave BFB Alpha!CW5BBFBA
7 May 2021StratagemHit Me With That Beat!CW5S
14 May 2021CharacterPredacon Terrorsaur from Beast Wars Predacons!CW6CBWP
14 May 2021Battle Cards3x Demolition Derby!CW6B
14 May 2021StratagemTriggercon-Vention!CW6S

We in Team Bayformers are looking forward to seeing all the crazy decks our Casual League players come up with! Hope to see you for a game or three on the Discord server soon.