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Video: Megatron vs. Tidal Wave

Could it be a Waste|Lands reveal video? It is! Thanks to friends of the community Dave and Claire from the Energon Hustlers for this sneak peek into Megatron, Sharkticon Tyrant! Watch what happens when Tidal Wave attacks his Aquarium of Death. This one combines cards from TROP Phase One, The Ark Wave One, World|Strike, and Waste|Lands!

Want to get a closer look at Megatron, Sharkticon Tyrant? Here’s a exclusive closer look at the 0.2.1 version.

Megatron, Sharkticon Tyrant
Turbo Revving Old Punks

Turbo Revving Old Punks: Phase One Released!

We in Team Bayformers heartily congratulate our fellow #transformerstcg creators The Turbo Revving Old Punks for the release of their first community set for the game: Phase One. We’re also pleased to announce that Phase One will be central to Team Bayformers casual and competitive play in this Tournament Season and the next! More details on events featuring Phase One cards are coming soon. In the meantime – what are you waiting for? Download and play all the cards in Phase One today!