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The Omega Invitational begins on the 28th. Enter our multiple giveaways!

It just wouldn’t be an allied crossplay #transformerstcg event on the level of the Omega Invitational without a generous helping of giveaways for all players! In fact, we’ll have a selection of giveaways each week until the Omega Invitational Grand Finals. You only need to enter once to win – though the entire Omega Invitational celebration is loaded with promo codes!

Events Transformers TCG

Transformers TCG Autographs at TFcon LA!

If you didn’t already know, Team Bayformers will be representing the allied crossplay community at TFcon Los Angeles! They’ve put together an impressive array of Transformers voice actors, artists, writers, and contributors in a single show! Many will be offering autographs to fans at the show. For Transformers TCG collectors, this is a special opportunity to get your character cards signed! We’ve put together this list to assist in your autograph hunt at TFcon LA!


Two Lwosers – a casual format for underdogs!

Everyone loves an underdog. A down-on-their-luck character with struggles we can relate to – and can root for in a fight. With this in mind, why roll into the next tournament with the most busted meta deck possible? Let’s celebrate some of the unloved cards in the #transformerstcg – and let’s not just boost one card, but two!

Introducing Two Lwosers – the casual format for neglected stratagems! Players roll into a Two Lwosers (pronounced “losers”) event with not just one playable deck, but two! Each deck is centered around a stratagem that is legal in the format. These stratagems (and their Affects targets) cannot be sideboarded out in the course of a match. In fact, players do not have a 10-card sideboard in this format – they start with 0! Instead, if a player wants to switch up their strategy, they can swap out their entire initial deck for their secondary one!

However, sideboards aren’t entirely eliminated. If an intrepid player chooses some particularly attention-starved stratagems from the legal list for their decks, the choice can allow them a greater number of cards in their sideboard. For example, if a player brings a Pop-Up Attack deck (which grants +3 sideboard cards) and also a Cantankerous Attitude deck (which grants +2 sideboard cards), they can have a 5 card sideboard in total.

Events Team Bayformers Turbo Revving Old Punks

KingNaga wins Encounter 5!

With the end of Encounter 5 comes the crowning of a new champion: KingNaga and his unassailable Fortress Maximus deck combined with Flintlock! Kudos go also to our second-place player Ozzy, whose Soundwave deck showed many surprises. Encounter 5 has been an unforgettable event, with twists and turns galore. We had so much fun supporting Turbo Revving Old Punks and their inaugural set Phase One – it’s safe to say that we’ll be supporting them in bigger ways very soon.


Break This! Wall of Shame

Those that “win” our Break This! events receive only one “prize” – being eternally recorded in the horrid halls of the Wall of Shame. If you ever participate in a future Break This! event, watch out for these players!

Break This! 2: 2021 September 11

Break This! 1: 2021 May 22


Break This! – a #transformerstcg event like no other

Most Team Bayformers events are highly curated, controlled affairs. In fact, we take pride in thoughtfully crafting every aspect of our events. We take the time to thoroughly and regularly review our banlists, structure, and themes.

Except – for a few short days in the Tournament Season. On these rare days of dread, the chaos that lurks in crossplay fully emerges and threatens all players. Instead of a strict, sequential bracket, players are playing willy-nilly with decks constructed from a wide selection of creator sets available to the community. Moreover, only a few play to win – in fact, the winners of these days of discord are forever recorded in shame. But by what name shall these tournaments of horror and disdain be known?

Behold and despair; it’s BREAK THIS!

The Nature of the Bay-east

Above all, Break This! is two things: a celebration of the rich content of community sets, and a tragedy of disastrous proportions when those sets are mixed without curation. In Break This!, players indulge in their darkest urges to create the most broken deck possible, using cards from across the community creator spectrum. Additionally, this one-day horror show of broken gameplay happens only for a few hours entirely on TableTop Simulator!

Any community cards offered within CKirk’s Transformers TCG Deck Building add-on for TableTop Simulator are available for your decks! What kind of busted, overpowered deck can you make with thousands and thousands of community cards at your fingertips?

“Rules” and “structure”?

Despite the chaotic nature of the event, some basics are in place to maximize enjoyment – even as some players cry out in pain and anguish.

What, a banlist?!?

Even Break This! has a banlist. This is due not to an aversion to broken gameplay – rather, because of a preference for novel broken gameplay. No one wants to play against a Daring Escape or Sergeant Cog deck they’ve seen a hundred times already.

The current Break This! banlist includes:

  • Swap Parts
  • Press the Advantage
  • Multi-Mission Gear
  • Sergeant Springer
  • Daring Escape
  • Peace Through Tyranny
  • Security Checkpoint
  • Questionable Moral (from Zero Hour Heat 0)

This banlist will grow over time as more Break This! events further inflict trauma upon our psyches.

Break This! decks are still valid decks

Sure, some of the gameplay in Break This! is stupid broken. All the same, players should construct their decks as they normally would, using the regular constructed deck rules. Players that roll into the event with a 5-wide Galaxy Primes deck with 20 Energy Packs “because the event is broken” will be asked to use another, more valid deck.

Register decklists with Team Bayformers

Before the start of the event, players will need to submit their decklists via our Contact Form. Be sure to do this at least a day in advance of the event so that organizers can contact you if there’s a problem.

Beginning of the event

All players will gather in the #tournament-chat channel on the Team Bayformers Discord. Organizers (typically identified by their [BF] prefixes) will ensure all players are registered and basic details are gathered.

Starting up broken games

Once the event starts, pairings will be assigned and announced in #tournament-chat. It is up to the players to share TTS game server details with each other and the event organizers. Paired players can and should use one of the empty Standard Voice channels to play their match out. If any players have difficulty with their match, they can ask an organizer to do any of the following:

  • Launch a TTS server for the match
  • Share a deck (in case a deck wasn’t prepared before the event)
  • Make more Standard Voice channels in Discord
  • Run a deck check
  • Make a ruling
  • Ask for advice

Keeping it fun – the “emergency eject” option

Each paired player is expected to play at least one game with each other. However, due to the nature of the event, players might feel the need to reach for a life preserver in order to maintain fun. Here’s a few options to hit the ejection seat button if your match is degrading into a Negative Player experience.

  • If, due to the mechanics of the opponent’s deck, the opponent’s turn lasts more than three minutes, you may choose to eject from the match and ask the organizers to record the match as a draw.
  • When, due to the power level of the opponent’s deck, the opponent wins the first match and over 20 health remains on the opponent’s characters, you may choose to eject and ask the organizers to record the match as a 1-2 loss for you, the ejecting player.
  • If, due to the speed of the opponent’s deck, the opponent wins the first match before the end of their third turn, you may choose to eject and ask the organizers to record the match as a 1-2 loss for you, the ejecting player.

However, organizers are on the lookout for decks or pilots that might be overly toxic. If, for any reason, you’re not having fun against a specific deck or player, let the organizers know.

Ending the match, and the pain – for the moment

At the end of each match, both players report their results (and if either player hit the emergency eject and reason). Each player’s raffle tickets will be created and stuffed into the Break This! “Ugly Hat” (see Prizing below). If players are available at the end of your match, a new pairing will be made and it’s Game On once again! This will repeat until the end of the event.

Keep the Break This! theme in mind (and have fun!)

Remember, the theme of Break This! is broken gameplay. No one should enter the event expecting balanced mechanics. Players will have more fun if they embrace the highly-busted nature of uncurated crossplay. Besides, it’s silly to get salty or mad about this kind of event! Players should still show good sportsmanship and encourage all participants to have a great time. And remember – just because the cards are broken doesn’t mean you can cheat. Don’t do it!

Be as flashy as Michael Bay with loot from Break This!
Be as flashy as Michael Bay with loot from Break This!

Prizes for chaos and masochism

Let the Ugly Hat decide your material worth

After every match is reported, a pair of raffle tickets will be made with the players’ handles and thrown into the Ugly Hat. These tickets are not dependent on wins or losses! For Break This! events, a minimum of 40 minutes of time must be spent on a match, regardless of whether a player has conceded early or hit the eject button. Quitting games early is not a valid strategy for acquiring tickets! When time is called at the end of the event, players will be allowed to play out their matches and acquire their final tickets.

At the prize gala at the end of the event, the dice will be rolled and a random prize item from the event prize list will be up for the Ugly Hat’s selection. A single ticket will be drawn from the Ugly Hat, and the name on the ticket will be announced. That person will have the opportunity to win the item or go back into the hat – each participant is eligible for only one prize! This process continues until all prizes are given or no more eligible names are available.

The dreaded Break This! Wall of Shame

But we haven’t forgotten about our wretched Break This! event winners. Not at all. Those awful players that have taken the time and effort to make the most broken deck of Break This! will be recorded for all time in our Break This! Wall of Shame. Moreover, there’s a very good chance their decks will end up on our permanent Break This! banlist. Let all #transformerstcg players lament the names of shame, and despair.

Join us! You won’t regret it… well, actually, you might

Twisted enough to join our next Break This! event? Join the Team Bayformers Discord and get the skinny on all of our upcoming events!


Crossplay Casual League Season One

At Team Bayformers, we invest deeply in competitive #transformerstcg gameplay. You may have spotted Team Bayformers players in a webcam tournament near you! However, we haven’t forgotten about playing fun, casual games at our FLGS tables.

To promote less competitive and more social gameplay, we’ve launched the Crossplay Casual League!


Those in the Team Bayformers Discord that play casual games using cards from World|Strike, the Waste|Lands Public Beta, The Ark Wave One, Turbo Revving Old Punks Phase One, and from other creators can log their games in the #casual-results channel. Players can use the following command:

{@first-player-handle} #number-of-wins {@second-player-handle} #number-of-wins


@[BF] billmoo 2 @[BF] Champion 1 ggz!

All participants in the Crossplay Casual League that records 25 or more casual games by the end of Tournament Season One will be eligible to receive a Gilthor, Chained Amalgamation alt mode print, courtesy of Team Bayformers (minus shipping costs). In addition, the top 3 participants by the number of games played will be eligible for prizes (minus shipping costs)!

The following prizes will be available for the winners of Crossplay Casual League at the end of Season One:

Keep in mind that the number of games played is the most important statistic! Feel free to play jank and have fun with your fellow players – without having to worry too much about your win/loss record.

To check the Crossplay Casual League leaderboard, type the following command in #casual-results:

!leaderboard 50 year

Crossplay Casual Challenges

Occasionally, we like to mix things up a little! When announced, a new challenge is issued on Fridays to all casual players that include predetermined challenge cards in their decks! Each challenge has a reporting code that should be included in reporting the games in the #casual-results channel; the specific reporting code can be found in the table at the bottom of this section.

For example, if a match is played where both players accepted different challenges (in this case, [BF] billmoo accepted the character challenge and [BF] Champion accepted the stratagem challenge) for the week of 9 April 2021, the challenge credits could be reported using a command like the following in the #casual-results channel:

@[BF] billmoo 1 @[BF] Champion 2 [BF] Champion used the challenge !CW1S and [BF] billmoo did challenge !CW1C

Here are the challenges that have been issued in previous weeks. When a new CCC is issued, you need only include a challenge stratagem, challenge character, or all 3 challenge battle cards in your deck to qualify – not all three types of cards (you can include all 3 types if you want to, though you will only get 1 credit per matchup). At the end of each match, you must show your opponent the 3 challenge battle cards in your deck if you choose to include the 3 challenge battle cards in your deck. You cannot sideboard the challenge cards out – they must remain in your deck for the length of the match.

Weekly CCC’s

WeekTypeNameReporting code
9 April 2021CharacterLokos!CW1C
9 April 2021Battle Cards3x Judicial Discretion!CW1B
9 April 2021StratagemQuite a Haul!CW1S
16 April 2021CharacterInquisitor Drebzik!CW2C
16 April 2021Battle Cards3x Sharkticon Mace from The Ark Wave One!CW2BAW1
16 April 2021StratagemKneel Before Us!CW2S
23 April 2021CharacterSunstreaker, Ruthless Sociopath from Wave X!CW3WX
23 April 2021Battle Cards3x The Dweller Awakens!CW3B
23 April 2021StratagemDeath Crystal Cannon!CW3S
30 April 2021CharacterGeneral Ghyrik!CW4C
30 April 2021Battle Cards3x Gift of Innermost Energon!CW4B
30 April 2021StratagemEnigma of Combination from Reformatted!CW4SER
7 May 2021CharacterRed Wizard / Mara-Al-Utha!CW5C
7 May 2021Battle Cards3x Unfathomable Motives from Wave BFB Alpha!CW5BBFBA
7 May 2021StratagemHit Me With That Beat!CW5S
14 May 2021CharacterPredacon Terrorsaur from Beast Wars Predacons!CW6CBWP
14 May 2021Battle Cards3x Demolition Derby!CW6B
14 May 2021StratagemTriggercon-Vention!CW6S
21 May 2021CharacterNacelle!CW7C
21 May 2021Battle Cards3x Head Case from Wave BFB Alpha!CW7BBFBA
21 May 2021StratagemHeat-Resistant Body from The Ark Wave One!CW7SAW1
28 May 2021CharacterUltra Magnus, Disciplined Soldier from Wave X!CW8CWX
28 May 2021Battle Cards3x Open Agenda!CW8B
28 May 2021StratagemIgnore the Pain from Wave BFB Alpha!CW8SBFBA
4 June 2021CharacterPiranacon, Monolithic Menace from SEACONS Custom Set!CW9CSCS
4 June 2021Battle Cards3x Depower-Linx from Wave BFB Alpha!CW9BBFBA
4 June 2021StratagemIn the Name of Slingshot!CW9S

We in Team Bayformers are looking forward to seeing all the crazy decks our Casual League players come up with! Hope to see you for a game or three on the Discord server soon.

Events Team Bayformers

World|Strike Tournament Season One

Welcome to World|Strike Tournament Season One!

World|Strike Tournament Season One is a series of webcam tournaments featuring World|Strike – but that’s not all! Events in Season One also feature allied crossplay, supporting other community sets!

Quick Links

Tournament Season One Points Leaderboard

Team Bayformers Discord

Tournament Season One Event Calendar

Regular season event: 8 February – 20 February 2021
Encounter 1
Webcam Tournament, featuring Wave 1-5 plus World|Strike
Winner: VJakson-Brian | 2nd place: The1Dutchy | Encounter 1 at | Decklists at
Regular season event: 3 April – 17 April 2021
Encounter 2
Webcam Tournament, featuring Wave 1-5 plus World|Strike plus ATP 1-3
Winner: [BF] Champion | 2nd place: Brettasaurus | Encounter 2 at | Decklists at
Regular season event: 22 May 2021
Break This! 1
TableTop Simulator Tournament, featuring cards from Transformers TCG Deck Building
“Winner”: Veral
Regular season event: 30 May – 24 June 2021
Encounter 3
Webcam Tournament, featuring Wave 1-5 plus World|Strike
Winner: Brettasaurus | 2nd place: Ogar | Encounter 3 at | Decklists at
Regular season event: 31 July – 21 August 2021
Encounter 4 featuring The Ark Wave One
Webcam Tournament, featuring Wave 1-5 plus World|Strike plus The Ark Wave One
Winner: Brettasaurus | 2nd place: Legendary | Encounter 4 at | Decklists at
Regular season event: 11 September 2021
Break This! 2
TableTop Simulator Tournament, featuring cards from Transformers TCG Deck Building
“Winner”: KingNaga
Regular season event: 25 September – 16 October 2021
Encounter 5 featuring Turbo Revving Old Punks Phase One
Webcam Tournament, featuring Wave 1-5 plus World|Strike plus Turbo Revving Old Punks Phase One
Winner: KingNaga | 2nd place: Ozzy | Encounter 5 at | Decklists at
Post-season event: 26 November – 3 December 2021
The Psi Pre-Invitational featuring Turbo Revving Old Punks Phase One and Monster Menagerie
Webcam Tournament, featuring Wave 1-5 plus World|Strike plus Turbo Revving Old Punks Phase One and Turbo Revving Old Punks Monster Menagerie plus 1C Open battle cards
Winner: TheEnergonHustler | 2nd place: Legendary | Psi Pre-Invitational at | Decklists at
Post-season event: 12 January – 26 January 2022
Harmony: Waste|Lands 1 featuring 0.2.4 Waste|Lands and Ark Wave One
TableTop Simulator Tournament, featuring Wave 1-5 plus default allied crossplay sets plus 0.2.4 Waste|Lands plus The Ark Wave One
Winner: Legendary | 2nd place: Tankhunter48 | Harmony: Waste|Lands 1 at | Decklists at
Post-season event: 10 February – 24 February 2022
Two Lwosers 1
Webcam Tournament, featuring Wave 1-5 plus default allied crossplay sets plus The Ark Wave One
Winner: Brettasaurus | 2nd place: TheEnergonHustler | Two Lwosers 1 at | Decklists at
Post-season event: 3 March – 17 March 2022
Harmony: Waste|Lands 2 featuring Waste|Lands and Ark Wave One
TableTop Simulator Tournament, featuring Wave 1-5 plus default allied crossplay sets plus Waste|Lands plus The Ark Wave One
Winner: Ozzy | 2nd place: Brettasaurus | Harmony: Waste|Lands 2 at | Decklists at
Post-season event: 28 March – 29 April 2022
The 2022 Omega Invitational
Webcam Tournament, featuring Wave 1-5 plus default allied crossplay sets
Winner: Brettasaurus | 2nd place: Ozzy | Decklists at
Post-season event: 25 May – 15 June 2022
Harmony: Waste|Lands 3 featuring 0.2.5 Waste|Lands
TableTop Simulator Tournament, featuring Wave 1-5 plus default allied crossplay sets plus 0.2.5 Waste|Lands
Winner: Brettasaurus | 2nd place: Legendary | Harmony: Waste|Lands 3 at | Decklists at
Future post-season event: 18 June 2022
SF Bay Area In-Person Tournament 1
In-person Tournament, featuring Wave 1-5
Anime Imports, Pacifica, California
Register for SF Bay Area In-Person Tournament 1 at
Future post-season event: 24 June – 15 July 2022
Two Lwosers 2
Webcam Tournament, featuring Wave 1-5 plus default allied crossplay sets plus The Ark Wave One
Register for Two Lwosers 2 at


Want to play some games? Let’s get prepped! To participate in World|Strike Tournament Season One, you’ll need to appropriately ready yourself.

1. Download and print default allied crossplay sets

World|Strike Tournament Season One will primarily support Team Bayformers’ World|Strike set, but all default allied crossplay sets are supported in each event! Therefore, you will need to download and print these cards in order to participate. Here’s a handy guide for printing Transformers TCG community sets if you need guidance.

2. Join the Team Bayformers Discord

The primary hub for Tournament Season One play is the Team Bayformers Discord. Since all tournament play will occur in the Discord, you will need to join the server.

Join the Team Bayformers Discord server!

3. Get set up for webcam-based play

You’ll need to be able to show your online opponent what’s on your gaming table – and a webcam is the way to achieve that for Tournament Season One. Beforehand, ensure your webcam and lighting are ideal before stepping into a match. You can use an empty Voice channel in the Team Bayformers to perform checks.

4. Register events via and

Most events in Tournament Season One will have its own registration link on Each of these links will be announced on Team Bayformers social media a couple of weeks before the start of the event, as well as the Team Bayformers Discord.

In addition to registration, the decklist for each participant is required to be registered at for review at least a day before the start of each event. Each registrant should submit both their Discord handle as well as the link to their decklist via our Contact form.

5. Engage and play in our Discord

The primary channels for tournament play are #tournament-chat and #tournament-results. Pay attention to announcements, including when rounds begin. Players will be required to sync with their opponents and schedule a time to play in our Standard Match voice channels over the webcam.

When reporting your match score, the winner should use the #tournament-results channel using the following format:

{@first-player-handle} #number-of-wins {@second-player-handle} #number-of-wins


@[BF] billmoo 2 @[BF] Champion 1 ggz!


All event participants should refer to the following pages:

Be sure to check the individual event details for the allowed cards and ban lists.

Encounter Tournament Format

Each of the Encounter tournaments will be Swiss in format. The total number of rounds will be dependent on the number of registrants. Each match will be the best 2 out of 3 games.

The tournament listing sets pairings for each event. It will be up to each paired player to contact each other and schedule a time for their match. Try your best to complete your match within two days. If for some reason, you cannot make a game-time within two days’ time, you can concede the match or reach out to a Judge and the opposing player to see if alternate arrangements can be made.

To report match results, use the #tournament-results channel in the Team Bayformers Discord.

Assuming each event has more than 16 registered players, a Top 8 cut will occur after the Swiss rounds have concluded with a Single Elimination tree.


Judges will be available during each event for rulings. Each Judge is marked with the “Judges” role in the Team Bayformers Discord. Judges will be using the Rules and FAQ to assist in rulings; keep this page handy to resolve issues. Our Judges are also responsible for the review of submitted decklists. Judges will reach out with feedback if a decklist is not approved for use.

Webcam Rules, Etiquette, and Tips

Do not cheat. All handling of cards should be done in view of the opposing player on webcam, including shuffling and drawing. Place your hand face-down on the table when it is not being viewed. Players caught cheating will be removed from the event. We have already banned players for cheating in events outside of Tournament Season One.

Do not intentionally slow-play. If you have a complaint in this regard, note this to a Judge during a match.

Both players should play their matches within a 60-minute time limit. However, extensions of game time can occur with mutual agreement between players at the beginning of each match. Report your results promptly in the #tournament-results channel at the end of the match.

Avoid using proxies for cards from the core game. However, if you do use proxies, ensure that the cards are easily read from the opponent’s webcam by using high-quality photo prints. Do not use scribbled or drawn cards.

Use markers to track damage that are easy to read. Highly reflective damage trackers may be difficult to view over webcams.

Use patience when dealing with technical issues. Players are attending from across the globe, and problems are inevitable. Players can utilize the option to extend their game clocks to compensate for lost time, but disputes can be decided with the input of a Judge.

Tournament Season One Scoring

Each player that fully participates in an Encounter event will earn points toward the full Season and its available prize pool.

  • A participant that plays at least half of their matches and has a legitimate reason for dropping out (as judged by organizers) earns 1 point.
  • A participant that plays from the beginning to end of their matches earns an additional 2 points (for a total of 3).
  • A player making the top cut earns an additional point (for a total of 4).
  • The champion of the Encounter event earns an additional point (for a total of 5).

In addition, those that participate in other regular-season Team Bayformers events (such as a Break This! event) can earn points for participation using the following rules:

  • A participant that plays from the beginning to end of their matches earns a point.

At the end of the regular Season, points will be tallied. Those that rate at the top will have selection priority from our Seasonal prize pool, with items not offered anywhere else in the community. The points leader will also be awarded the Tournament Season One Online Kup during The 2022 Omega Invitational.

To see the final point rankings in Tournament Season One, check out the Leaderboard.

TFTCG Constructed Play

The remainder of the rules for events in Tournament Season One follows the structure of other events typical of Constructed Transformers TCG play. You can find the rules for Constructed Play at

Prize Support

Prizes for participation in World|Strike’s inaugural season come in two levels: per-event and seasonal. Accordingly, each event will have its own list of available incentives. Please see the registration links to see the prize pool available for each Encounter Tournament.

For the prizes that will be offered at the end of Tournament Season One, the full list of prize support is still being compiled. In advance of this, we can release the following details.

Those that log at least a 75% participation level in Tournament Season One will receive an exclusive bot mode Gilthor, Chained Amalgamation art print! Those in the US will receive free shipping; those outside the US will need to pay for shipping to receive the art print.

Eventually, one person will be deemed the supreme player of World|Strike Tournament Season One. That person will have the opportunity to select from a number of exquisite prizes – one of which is a mint-in-sealed-box BotCon 2002 Cyclonus.

Sealed BotCon 2002 Cyclonus

Donate to Team Bayformers

If you would like to support Team Bayformers, visit our Donation page.

The Future

More Tournament Seasons supporting World|Strike and future content are sure to happen! The best place to keep up-to-date on Season and gameplay developments is Team Bayformers social media and the Team Discord. Join us there and chat with us about everything that’s incoming!

Facebook: Team Bayformers
Twitter: Team Bayformers
Instagram: Team Bayformers
Discord: Team Bayformers