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Video: Megatron vs. Tidal Wave

Could it be a Waste|Lands reveal video? It is! Thanks to friends of the community Dave and Claire from the Energon Hustlers for this sneak peek into Megatron, Sharkticon Tyrant! Watch what happens when Tidal Wave attacks his Aquarium of Death. This one combines cards from TROP Phase One, The Ark Wave One, World|Strike, and Waste|Lands!

Want to get a closer look at Megatron, Sharkticon Tyrant? Here’s a exclusive closer look at the 0.2.1 version.

Megatron, Sharkticon Tyrant

Discuss: Beastbox

Let’s mix things up in this exciting new era of the Transformers TCG – how about discussing one of the new cards in The Ark’s Wave 1? Suddenly, there’s a wild gorilla on the loose ripping the arms off of the opponent’s Autobots – and his name is Beastbox! And get ready, because he’s perfectly set up to deliver a 1-2 punch!

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Bay Diving: Combat Icons

A literally huge surprise arrived for players of the Transformers TCG in its Wave 2 release: Combiners! These lumbering colossi are some of the biggest ‘bots ever fielded – only rivaled at the time of Wave 2 by the enormous Metroplex. In the beginning, the new Combiners generated a lot of player interest, even as the rest of the Wave proved to be something of a dud in the player community. Even the new shine of the Combiners began to dull quickly, as their general power level with established teams of Wave 1 characters didn’t match up. The only long-term exceptions for meta viability from the Wave 2 Combiners ended being Superion and Optimus Maximus alone. Regardless, the Combiners saw a lot of jank-level play, and players generally enjoyed the concept… even if they didn’t quite fulfill the fantasy of a towering, powerful robot Combiner.