Casual League Season Two

Announcing Casual League Season Two! In the Transformers TCG Community, we invest deeply in scheduled events. You may have seen multiple tournaments announced on set days on the event calendar. However, we haven’t forgotten about spontaneous, casual games at our FLGS and kitchen tables.

To promote less competitive and more social gameplay, we’ve launched another season of Casual League. Behold, Season Two!

Basics of Casual Play

Those in public and private Transformers TCG Community Discord voice channels that play casual games can log their matches in the #casual-beta-results channel. Players can use the following command to log a match:

{@first-player-handle} #number-of-wins {@second-player-handle} #number-of-wins


!report @[BF] billmoo 2 @[BF] Champion 1 ggz!

Remember that the number of games played is the most crucial statistic! Feel free to play jank and have fun with your fellow players without worrying too much about your win/loss record.

Do not log matches played in most scheduled events in #casual-beta-results (with the exception of Open Play Nights) – only casual games outside of most events may be logged. If you’re looking for players to play Casual League games with, why not announce it in the #looking-for-games channel?

And yes, beta testers – you can log your beta test games in #casual-beta-results. Just make sure you’re playing your games in a public or private voice channel on the Transformers TCG Community Discord.

To check the Casual League leaderboard, type the following command in #casual-results:

!leaderboard 50 year

Casual League Season Two lasts the duration of the regular portion of Waste|Lands Tournament Season Two – from the beginning of Encounter 1 to the end of Encounter 9.

League Incentives

We hope that the Casual League will spur many spontaneous and casual games – but the fact that it’s casual doesn’t mean there aren’t prizes!

In fact, there’s a whole championship to be earned for the player that plays the most games: The Casual Kup. Those that play the most games in Season Two and win the Casual Kup will get the opportunity to help design a character in a future release. Also, you can get a sweet trophy! In Season One, Hawkhammer captured it – will he repeat, or will a new player grasp the gold?

Additionally, the three players that play the most games in Season Two will be eligible to purchase three very tempting prizes for the low price of 100 shanix. These prizes will be revealed later this Season.

For everyone else, we have a more achievable incentive for you! Those who log at least 50 games in Casual League Season Two will be eligible to purchase a set of exclusive Casual League custom card sleeves for 100 shanix. Every 50 games logged in #casual-beta-results also earns the player 50 shanix.

Want to earn additional shanix for other prizes like printed community cards? Join our scheduled events!

Join Us!

We in the Transformers TCG Community are looking forward to seeing all the crazy decks our Casual League players come up with! Hope to see you for a game or three on the Discord server soon.