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Bay Diving: Interrogating ATP-2

Editor’s note

We at have been covering the creator community of the Transformers TCG since the game’s cancellation, and Team Bayformers itself has been involved in the competitive scene of the game since Wave 1.

At the beginning of the “creator-driven” phase of the game post-cancellation, we began covering content from most major groups. We also began hosting events featuring that content. At the time of this article’s publication in November 2020, this remained true. Since that time, the central creators within Vector Sigma/ATP have indicated that they do not desire nor appreciate objective (even when positive) coverage and event support of their content. In some cases, they’ve been less than gracious with news of this coverage and support. They’ve openly accused creators and organizers that include their content of bias, stealing clout, and worse.

Given this – what we would characterize as behavior against the broader creator community – we have stopped covering their content. Additionally, we no longer support ATP content in our regular events. We believe other capable, collaboration-minded creators are more deserving of our coverage and support. We continue to cover community content outside of ATP. As such, we also regularly feature other creators’ content in events under the “allied crossplay” ideal of the Transformers TCG.

At the same time, we understand that many that participate in Team Bayformers / allied crossplay would like, at minimum, support for some select parts of ATP gameplay. We are exploring ways to eventually bring portions of their content that are not overly disruptive to our gameplay meta into the allied crossplay scene.

And now, the rest of the article…

As anyone that keeps up with us via social media knows, we at Bayformers love going on at length about the nitty-gritty details of the #transformerstcg – maybe, to a fault. Rather than building too many giant walls of text in your social media channel of choice, we’re going to begin writing a series of articles right here at that explore the hills and valleys of the vast gameplay landscape that is the post-Hasbro/WotC Transformers TCG. For those with the fortitude and the attention span, we hope to inspire many new decks to come. Hence, we dive deep – into what we call Bay Diving!

Not their official pack art – but how we like to imagine it!

Despite what some might have expected post-cancellation, the richness of the Transformers TCG is likely greater now than it ever was during the official printing of the game. Multiple fans and fan groups have leveraged their passion and skills to create new content for the game – from individual dream cards for favorite characters, to entire waves of cards to rival the official expansions released by Hasbro / WotC. One of those groups, Alpha Trion Protocols, was a vanguard to the new era of fan-created content for the game, releasing a set of 11 Stratagems called ATP-1 that created a fantastic new space for the game to be explored with the characters of old. Suddenly, all-new, competitive decks were being played once again with Wave 1 characters. The success of ATP-1 has furthered the ambitions of Alpha Trion Protocols, and now they’re previewing cards from their newest set, ATP-2. Bayformers was lucky enough to be offered a chance to preview a card from the set, and we’re thrilled to discuss it with you.

A Tough Line of Questioning

The best way to approach an interrogation – eat all the donuts.
The best way to approach an interrogation – eat all the donuts.

Everyone’s been there.

“Where were you tonight?”

“How come you were late for work?”

“Did you eat all the Cheetos?”

“Is this your leather body suit?”

“Upon what was the devshirme tax levied by the Ottomans on their Christian Balkan populations?”

No one appreciates tough questions. However, with cards from ATP-2, you can turn these moments into opportunities, as you subject your own characters to Interrogation!

ATP-2 Interrogation
ATP-2 Battle Card: Interrogation

With the previous ATP-1 set focused on new gameplay for Wave 1 characters via Stratagems, ATP-2 changes things up – having a selection of Battle Cards and Characters! Interrogation is one of 10 new Battle Cards in ATP-2. And what an Action! For the low, low cost of a single point of self-damage, you get both intelligence on the opponent’s hand as well as a nifty removal of a card with one or fewer battle icons. This can be a handy snare even in situations like the second turn where you might not have a lot of information on what the opponent is playing. Cards like Espionage work best after a green pip trade or after a series of battle flips show the opponent’s deck, and Interrogation casts a wider net that might catch what Espionage might miss. Speaking of cards that Espionage might be powerless to act upon, powerful no-pip cards find no refuge from Interrogation’s tender mercies. To the scrap pile go no-pip cards that could easily swing the battle to the opponent’s favor, like W-5 Gyro Blaster and I Still Function!. And the black pip ensures that Interrogation can work in many decks. If you’re one of those terrible people that play Horri-Bull, you’ll likely appreciate the hand oppression Interrogation deals in addition to all the other oppression the black pip assists you in dealing out as well.

Also, a special note about rarities – this one is a Common! We’ve gotten questions before about the point of rarities on cards downloaded from the Internet; “what’s the point?” A few considerations still make them relevant: one is that rarities point towards a general gauge of overall card power. It’s not a hard and fast rule – for example, many common cards in Wave 4, for example, have a high power level and were marked as commons likely due to printing and production limitations. The second consideration is more exciting, as this card is one of the first-hand disruption cards legal in the commons-only Junkion format! If you haven’t tried out Junkion yet, you should definitely give this beginner-friendly form of the game a shot. We at Bayformers are aiming to give this Transformers TCG format support in the future as well.

Where the Line Meets the Bay

However, where we see the most potential for Interrogation is in its synergy with cards from Wave BFA World|Strike. A substantial subtheme of World|Strike is Melee support dependent on damaging your own Melee characters for current and future benefits. As you play Interrogation to damage your Melee characters and your opponent’s hand, so too could you work towards the benefits of the Brutal Conditioning Stratagem in formats that support both ATP sets and Wave BFA.

Mega and Tron is gonna pump *clap* you up.

Perhaps, in pursuit of this goal, you’re self-pinging your untapped Allicon Eyuk? If you’re lucky enough to clear the opponent’s hand of a valuable Upgrade such as Fusion Borer or Soldier’s Blaster, you can send it out of reach of the opponent for the rest of the game by attacking with Eyuk while under the effects of the Buried Banquet Stratagem.


We’re excited for the launch of ATP-2 this coming November 25th, and will be supporting ATP cards in our coming fan wave crossplay tournaments. Does Interrogation make you question your current deck’s composition? Want to take a look at the revealed cards for ATP-2 for yourself? Check out their group on Facebook!