Transformers TCG

The first Encounter of Season Two awaits!

With the release of Wave 8: Waste|Lands comes the fun! And the calendar of events begins with the most chaotic and unpredictable competitive constructed tournament of the Season: Encounter 1. Waste|Lands Tournament Season Two starts off with a bang, as the wild, wild west of a whole new meta awaits players. And it all starts on Tuesday the 16th.

The end of Encounter 1 will see the official start of the /shop and shanix system, and all beginning-to-end Encounter 1 players will receive at least 150 shanix. Those that place highly will get a chance to not only purchase fresh-off-the-printer physical Waste|Lands cards but also exclusive prizes like the not-yet-revealed Tournament Season Two playmat.

How will you face the Encounter in a brand new Season of play? Register today and find out – but you must register by 11:59 am Pacific on August 16th.

Register today for Encounter 1 at!