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Encounter 1 continues a tradition of diversity!

We’ve got a quick battleground analysis from the Encounter 1 tournament – now happening in our community Discord! With Round 1 out of the way and each player’s deck details out in public, we’re presenting a diversity report on the current event – along with some comparisons to the recent Omega Invitational.

With Encounter 1 taking place after the release of Wave 8: Waste|Lands, it was unknown what shape the meta would begin to take. Now that we have the full deck list in hand, it’s safe to say the high degree of competitive diversity has continued – with a “shiny new cards” factor in play. Though we have three Abominus decks in the field of 16, every other deck in the field has a unique archetype. This continues the precedent shown at the 2022 OI. 7 decks primarily draw from cards in the Hasbro era, with the rest favoring teams introduced from Wave 6 onward.

Encounter 1 continues the diversity shown in the 2022 OI.
Encounter 1 continues the diversity shown in the 2022 OI.

We’ll have more details about the present state of play as Encounter 1 continues, including deck lists and gameplay videos. If you’d like to catch the action live, join the community Discord!