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Omega Invitational Daily Roundup for April 6th

Three weeks of the OI Giveaways have come and gone! Did you win free cards or Transformers last night? This and other #OmegaInvitational happenings are detailed in today’s Daily Roundup.

Week 3 OI Giveaways winners announced

Week 3 Giveaway Winners

Massive congratulations go out to Steven Counterman, Stephen Moss, FlaredGhost, and Susie C as they will be receiving allied crossplay cards or new Transformers in their mailboxes! For those that haven’t won yet in the OI Giveaways, we’re getting down to the wire as the Grand Finals loom ever closer! But it’s not too late to enter your name for generous prizes.

Just enter the OI Giveaways for a chance at more allied crossplay sets of cards and goods you won’t find anywhere else. If you’ve already entered, you’re still entered for at least one more week of giveaways! Just keep watching and reading content on allied crossplay #transformerstcg and you may discover additional promo codes to add to your entry, giving you better odds of winning.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s announcement to see everything we’re giving away in the final week of the 2022 Omega Invitational celebration. And stayed tuned for the grand finale events as the Omega Invitational reaches its competitive climax! After the Grand Finals… the big prizes take a break until next season!

The Winners Finals approach

After two nail-biting Winners Semifinals matches, the contenders for the Winners Finals have emerged! #2 Brettasaurus and his Galaxy Prime deck will face off the Constructicon onslaught brought by #4 Hawkhammer. This will be a 3 out of 5 slugfest, and we’ll be presenting the match across multiple channels with an all-star panel of commentators.

Upcoming matches

The OI bracket as of April 6th
  • It’s a clash of two resurgent players in the losers bracket! #9 Siliag, the comeback story of the OI, faces off against the most surprising contender of the event, the #14 Wheeljank! It’s Devastator versus Bugs tonight at 11pm Pacific / 2pm Eastern, and will be watchable on the Team Bayformers Discord.
  • In a match likely to have big ramifications on the final Losers Finals pairing, #3 Legendary unleashes his orange cars against #7 KingNaga’s Fortress Maximus! That match happens on Saturday at 7pm Pacific / 10pm Eastern, and is expected to be broadcast on the Servants of the Dice Gods Live channel as well as on the Team Bayformers Discord.

Days Seven through Ten match replays

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