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Omega Invitational Daily Roundup for April 5th

As the first week of the #OmegaInvitational comes to a close, the action is cresting to a fever pitch as we close in on the finals! In today’s news, where to get the newest FREE printed promo card, a glimpse at the meta established in the OI, and where to watch every match played since the last update.

Get your free April Fools promo card

A very special April Fools Lokos – featuring the big-headed taste of Prim Cola Fizzy!

Did you catch the April 1st shenanigans on the Team Bayformers page? If not, a limited promo printed foil character card is available for all fans! Just enter the OI Giveaways at the address below, enter the special promo code PRIM, and receive Lokos in your mailbox! How can it get any easier? Also, entering the giveaways gives you a chance to win even more allied crossplay prizes!

Omega Invitational meta analysis

Omega Invitational deck archetype diversity

Now that the OI is closing in on the final matches and every current player has a grasp of the competitive field, we thought we’d share some analytics on deck diversity in the event. Out of 16 decks that showed up came 14 unique deck archetypes. This diversity is, frankly, far beyond our expectations. Also, it’s a great signal for casual and competitive play in the coming Waste|Lands Season Two. The shape of the meta post-Wave 5 and in other game scenes was in a very depressing state – but if the current shape of the allied crossplay meta holds, there’s so much interesting gameplay to come.

Week 3 Giveaways happening tomorrow

The third round of the OI Giveaways is upon us! If you’re looking for allied crossplay cards and loot to arrive in your mailbox, there’s still time to enter! If you need a refresher, here’s everything being given away tomorrow evening:

Legacy / Generations Select Lift-Ticket
  • A fresh mint-in-sealed-box Legacy / Generations Select Lift-Ticket figure
  • A full set of World|Strike by Team Bayformers
  • A full set of Phase One by Turbo Revving Old Punks
  • All nine spooky characters from Monster Menagerie

Enter your name now to get in on this week’s and next week’s giveaways!

Scheduled Week 2 matches

The OI bracket as of April 5th

Getting closer to the end of the bracket means fewer matches – but that also means that the stakes are higher! These three matches are happening soon:

  • In the losers bracket, #1 ranked Champion looks to climb back up the ladder – but he’s got a challenge in the #14 Wheeljank first! They’re playing Tuesday at 3pm Pacific / 6pm Eastern / 10pm GMT. Watch the match on the Team Bayformers Discord or on YouTube on the Servants of the Dice Gods Live channel.
  • In a Winners Semifinal matchup, it’s a battle of Devastators! #9 Siliag looks to continue telling his comeback story against #5 Hawkhammer. Prepare for extermination on Tuesday at 8pm Pacific / 11pm Eastern / 3am GMT on the Team Bayformers Discord.
  • In another losers bracket clash, a strange enigma of decks! #3 Legendary looks towards the Losers Finals, but must get past Internet Personality Vangelus! That matchup happens on Wednesday at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern / 1am GMT on both the Team Bayformers Discord and on Servants of the Dice Gods Live.

Match replays from the OI

I feel like we’re being watched…

The deeper into the bracket we play, the more spectators we get on Discord and YouTube! If you missed any of the action from the last week, here’s your new playlist.