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Omega Invitational Daily Roundup for April 16th

Treasures are unearthed for today’s update! This is your News Roundup for the 2022 #OmegaInvitational as of April 16th.

Week 4 Giveaways

The biggest giveaway in the history of the post-cancellation #transformerstcg continues – and this week has a truly rare find. This glossy art print was only offered to players in Encounter 1 – the very first allied crossplay event – back in February 2021. And this print of commissioned art by billmoo and Myla Xan can be yours! This autographed print will never be offered again after the 2022 OI – so get a piece of #transformerstcg history. This will be given away to a lucky player along with complete, premium sets of allied crossplay cards on Tuesday night:

  • World|Strike by Team Bayformers
  • Phase One by Turbo Revving Old Punks
  • Monster Menagerie by Turbo Revving Old Punks

Just enter the OI Giveaways! Time is short as the Grand Finals loom ever closer. Once that’s done, we’re done.

Winners Finals tomorrow night

Brettasaurus and Hawkhammer collide in the 2022 OI Winners Finals tomorrow!

After a lull, the storm breaks at last! The prelude to two other Finals events, the Winners Finals will decide the first player that will head to the ultimate conclusion to the 2022 OI – the Grand Finals. Hawkhammer and Brettasaurus will send Devastator and Galaxy Prime into the fields of battle to determine the superior deck. Who will eventually become the #BaystInTheWorld?

The 2022 OI bracket as of April 16th

It begins at 7:30 pm Pacific / 10:30 pm Eastern on Sunday the 17th. You can watch the match in two different ways – first, through Hawkhammer’s stream – and second, at the Team Bayformers Discord.