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Mecha Star is much less Fusion Boring!

Though there are a lot of #OmegaInvitational updates coming from us, we wanted to make sure this special item was not missed by players in the news cycle. As announced yesterday, the 1C Open card Hand of Adaptus passed its beta test after two months of scrutiny. With its widespread acceptance in the allied crossplay community, we’d like to announce the next 1C Open candidate.

The problems with Fusion Borer

As with all 1C Open designs, they are created with the intent of replacing overpowered and swingy cards that were issued by Hasbro and WotC. Mecha Star is the intended answer for Wave 5’s Fusion Borer – an extremely valuable Weapon that has long dominated decklists.

In many scenarios, Fusion Borer simply outperforms venerable Weapons like Grenade Launcher – and given factional limitations to weapons like Noble’s Blaster and Scoundrel’s Blaster, Fusion Borer is often picked over them, even with the green battle icons on those Blasters. Sure, the Fusion Borer is scrapped after the battle, but given existing retrieval methods such as Dual Wield and Raider Triggerhappy, its “cost” of play is minimal, even in WotC-only play. Fusion Borer’s value is so great that it effectively removes many other Weapon choices from deckbuilding considerations and play. Mecha Star brings a more balanced Weapon that highly aligns with other cards in its space such as Calculated Strike.

In memoriam

Additionally, we were heartbroken at the news of Derrick J. Wyatt’s passing. For those of us that were introduced or reintroduced to Transformers via the Animated series, Derrick’s designs and vision deeply marked our Transformers experience. We wanted to homage Derrick in an upcoming card – and Mecha Star was that opportunity. We hope Animated Prowl’s iconic stars will provide much of the same value Fusion Borer did, without the excessive swing. The art for Mecha Star was done by the talented Jamesotron in the Animated style.

After the close of the OI, this card will be tested for roughly a month as a replacement for Fusion Borer in allied crossplay settings. Assuming it passes muster by the player community (and barring any refactors which will also need to be tested), it will officially enter status as a 1C Open solution for anyone in the community to adopt. Like all 1C Open cards, Mecha Star will be offered as a solution to long-standing issues in core Hasbro/WotC #transformerstcg play without an expectation of credit. We just want players and player groups to play a better game!

You can download Mecha Star via our dedicated files page. Additionally, Mecha Star will be available shortly via TTS.

Are you giving Mecha Star a spin? Are you putting an asterisk next to Mecha Star? Let us know via our Feedback Form.