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Double the prizes in the OI Giveaways’ final week!

Congratulations to Ozzy for his victory with Metroplex in the #OmegaInvitational Losers Finals! As we await the schedule for his face-off against Brettasaurus and his thus-far-unstoppable Galaxy Prime deck in the Grand Finals, we want to discuss the final phase of the OI Giveaways – our most generous yet.

First off, a true rarity – a minty sealed box, fresh from TFcon Baltimore in 2021! Limited to only 500 pieces in the world, Newage Pistolonyx was only offered at the show. Get this faithful recreation of everyone’s favorite Decepticon tyrant with your winning entry in the OI Giveaways.

2022 OI exclusive playmat

Secondly, the last 2022 Omega Invitational playmat! Only OI invitees received these playmats. The last one that was ever made (and will ever be made) could be yours with your winning entry.

Last – but definitely not least – DOUBLE the number of complete sets are on offer for the final phase of the giveaway! This means the following complete sets are on offer for new and existing entrants:

  • TWO full sets of World|Strike from Team Bayformers
  • Not one, but TWO full sets of Phase One from Turbo Revving Old Punks
  • Again, TWO full sets of Monster Menagerie from Turbo Revving Old Punks

You could be another winner amongst all of those that have already received a set of cards from thousands of highly-polished, like-Hasbro community cards that have already been given away! Never has it felt so good to acquire community cards that look and play like the real thing. And it’s never been easier!

Stay tuned for our Grand Finals announcement, and tune in for the much-anticipated finale. Once the Grand Finals are over, the OI Giveaways are too – for now…