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Omega Invitational Daily Roundup for March 30th

Like a 1-2-THREE punch! This is your Daily Roundup for Day Three of the #omegainvitational, on Wednesday, March 30th. In today’s news, a MASSIVE Day Three upset, an already-loved card gets its release, and we have this week’s list of giveaways.

Day Four Match Times

Two matches are currently scheduled for Thursday the 31st.

The undisputed master of Soundwave and Metroplex, the #6 ranked Ozzy, pits himself against the #11 ranked Mr. X at 8 pm Pacific / 11 pm Eastern / 4 am GMT. This encounter is expected to be streamed LIVE on the Servants of the Dice Gods Live channel and will be viewable live on the Team Bayformers Discord as well.

Immediately after is a highly-ranked clash! FortMax to the max, #7 KingNaga pits his titanic team of one against the devious #2 Brettasaurus! The action will begin at 9:30pm Pacific / 12:30pm Eastern / 5:30am GMT. This exciting match will be viewable live on the Team Bayformers Discord as well as on the Servants of the Dice Gods Live.

Days Two and Three Results

An impressive audience in Discord!

Our OI matches have had phenomenal viewership so far! With many matches featuring promo codes to give viewers greater odds of winning allied crossplay cards and loot, interest has never been higher in the allied crossplay scene.

The first match of Day Two threw together the #2 ranked Brettasaurus against #15 EnergonHustler! In a 2-0 effort, Brettasaurus’s control team handily dispatched EnergonHustler’s equally tanky deck.

The Daily Featured Match of Day Two saw #1 Champion against the upstart #16 Z-R0E of A number of Lose the Initiatives played by Champion dashed Z-R0E’s dreams of a historic upset, and he falls to Champion 2-0.

In a colossal combiner clash, the #4 ranked Hawkhammer took on #13 Frank4321 during Day Three. Though Hawkhammer won the first game by the merest thread, the second game was won handily by him in a 2-0 match record.

And in the most notable match of the Omega Invitational thus far, in Day Three’s Daily Featured Match between #1 Champion and #9 Siliag, in the first 2-1 match of the event, Siliag handily upsets Champion and sends him to the Losers Bracket! Only a top-decked Involuntary Promotion from Champion at the end of Game 2 kept it from being a 2-0 loss.

In the final match of Day Three, the #3 ranked Legendary Void dispatched the #14 ranked Wheeljank in a 2-0 effort.

Many of these match playbacks will be available in upcoming days on the Servants of the Dice Gods channel, so check back!

Hand of Adaptus Released

It’s good enough for a release!

After weeks and weeks of testing, our beta testers have signed off – Hand of Adaptus is certified as released! This card, intended as a replacement for the popularly-judged-as-overpowered Wave 5 card Mission Briefing, has been making the rounds in allied crossplay for over a month. We like the card, and we think you will too! You can download Hand of Adaptus as part of the 1C Open documents on our Downloads page.

New 1C Open Card Revealed Thursday

With the release of Hand of Adaptus, we’re almost ready to announce the next “fixed” Wave 5 card. This one’s special. We’ve also attached it to someone many in the community hold dear to their experiences with Transformers. We’ll have that announcement for you tomorrow in that day’s Daily Roundup.

This Week’s Fresh Giveaways

Giveaways from the last two weeks are shipped! If you’ve received cards and loot from us, feel free to post any pics in the comments! Though you can’t directly buy allied crossplay cards from anywhere, we also have an additional item for grabs that will be extremely hard to find.

  • A fresh item added to the 2022 Omega Invitational prize pool is a mint-in-sealed-box Legacy / Generations Select Lift-Ticket figure. A lucky entrant to the OI Giveaways may also win one this week!
  • A full set of World|Strike by Team Bayformers is also up for grabs.
  • A full set of Phase One by Turbo Revving Old Punks awaits a winner!
  • All of the spooky characters from Monster Menagerie by Turbo Revving Old Punks will be sent to a lucky winner.

You can still enter the OI Giveaways for a shot at any of these items! If you have a promo code from any of our videos and live-streamed matches, enter those as well when you enter.