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Omega Invitational Daily Roundup for March 27th

This is the Daily Roundup for the 2022 #OmegaInvitational for Sunday, March 27th. We’ve got roughly 24 hours before the start of the season finale for allied crossplay – here’s all of the daily news packaged up for you for easy consumption.

Day One Match Times

The first scheduled match is at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern / 11:59pm GMT between #5 ranked Tankhunter48 and #12 ranked Technomagus. This match will be streamed on Tankhunter48’s Twitch channel.

Keep in mind, EVERY match will have its own promo code that you can use for your OI Giveaways entry to gain additional entries. Just watch the match to get your code!

Enter at

Player profiles at Wreck ‘N Rule

The irreplaceable Brian at Wreck ‘N Rule has posted a number of OI player profiles that get into the personal stuff – how they got into the #transformerstcg, and what they’re looking forward to in the future of the game. Get to know your 2022 OI field by reading all of their coverage at the Wreck ‘N Rule blog.

This week’s giveaways

Last week, we gave away hundreds of dollars in giveaways! This week, we’ve got more of the same – but different!

  • Each invitee of the OI received in advance an exclusive Gilthor, Chained Amalgamation playmat. This week, one is up for grabs for giveaway entrants!
  • A full set of World|Strike by Team Bayformers is also up for grabs.
  • A full set of Phase One by Turbo Revving Old Punks awaits a winner!
  • The Monster Menagerie set from Turbo Revving Old Punks will be sent to a lucky winner.

Enter at

Invitee prizes

Though we have a startling amount of free cards and loot lined up for OI Giveaways entrants, for the first time we’re revealing everything the OI invitees are playing for. Check out what’s at stake.

The winner of the 2022 Omega Invitational will join Hawkhammer (the 2022 CCL winner) and [BF] Champion (the Season One points winner) in receiving a 2022 Kup trophy – the OI winner receiving the Omega Kup, Hawkhammer receiving the CCL Kup, and [BF] Champion receiving the Online Seasonal Kup. The OI winner will also receive the [Champion] role in Discord until the end of Waste|Lands Tournament Season Two.

If the OI winner is not Hawkhammer or [BF] Champion (who already have this right), they will win the right to design with Team Bayformers a character for an upcoming release. Covered by Team Bayformers are all costs, including art commissions and production costs. All characters created by a 2022 Kup winner will be branded with the name of the winner. If Hawkhammer or [BF] Champion wins the OI, this right will pass to the 2nd place player (and so forth).

All OI invitees either already received or are receiving an OI playmat featuring Gilthor, Chained Amalgamation.

The Top 8 from the OI will all receive OI card sleeves from Dragon Shield.

Prize pool

Those OI invitees that rank highly and do not win a 2022 Kup or rights to create a character have access to choose from the following prizes:

  • The right to make a request of Zero for a future feature of
  • A Wave 4 SRT Optimus Prime, Galactic Commander, signed by original voice actor Garry Chalk
  • A mint-in-sealed-box TFcon LA exclusive Fans Hobby Master Builder MB-148 Arson
  • A 2019 PAX Unplugged exclusive double-sided Autobot/Decepticon Siege I/II playmat
  • A mint-in-sealed-box Legacy / Generations Selects Lift-Ticket
  • All Waste|Lands cards, when it is released
  • A full set of harmonized Ark Wave One, when it is released
  • World|Strike and all of its cards from Team Bayformers
  • A full set of Phase One from Turbo Revving Old Punks
  • A full set of Monster Menagerie from Turbo Revving Old Punks

A special promo this Friday…?

We just received word from the Team Bayformers Marketing Department that they’ve got something special planned for this Friday! They wouldn’t say what it is, only that it was something… bubbly? Stay tuned for… whatever that is!