Turbo Revving Old Punks

TROP: Phase One achieves Default Support!

For Turbo Revving Old Punks, they’ve scaled a mountain! After a period of negotiation, collaboration, testing, and edits – Phase One joins its set mate Monster Menagerie and Team Bayformers’ World|Strike in the highest pinnacle of Allied Crossplay support: the esteemed Default Support.

So what does this mean, exactly? It means that World|Strike, Monster Menagerie, and Phase One are supported by default across all Allied Crossplay #transformerstcg events and gameplay. This means for events online, at conventions, over TableTop Simulator, whatever – and without any ban lists or any limits to their play. For those sets that have achieved the Default Support level, it means they’ve embraced the ideals of Allied Crossplay to the fullest, and have earned the right to share the game table with other sets that have done the work and made the same commitment.

With the inclusion of Phase One, the diversity of the TCG gets broader than it’s ever been. Over 170 community cards in Phase One, Monster Menagerie, and World|Strike are proven to work well with one another and the official compendium of Hasbro/WotC cards. And the future of the game gets brighter as more community cards are given the stamp of approval of Default Support in Allied Crossplay.

With that, what’s next for the Default Support level of play for the Allied Crossplay community? On the Team Bayformers front and marching towards release, the Waste|Lands Public Beta will be submitted for approval for Default Support close to that date. And, as they say, The Ark of history bends towards inclusion…