Transformers TCG

The Mission Briefing is over. The future is at Hand!

Announcing the next 1C Open Card candidate! We’ve long wanted to ban Mission Briefing due to its extreme draw power. This wish combined with the fact that it made many draw cards obsolete. Any deck with Battlemasters, Weaponizers, Quintesson Specialists, and the like had an immediate advantage in card draw with Mission Briefing in their decks – and the very existence of the card limited design space greatly. However, the white/green nature of the card was desirable to certain deck comps, so we didn’t want to simply ban Mission Briefing without some sort of replacement. And Hand of Adaptus is that card.

Mission Briefing takes advantage of teams with multiple characters that start in bot mode. However, Hand of Adaptus requires the player to flip characters to bot or body mode to provide a similar advantage. HoA may eventually provide a similar advantage to Mission Briefing in the late game. However, the swing of card draw is minimized in the early goings with Hand of Adaptus.

Testing for HoA as a replacement for Mission Briefing lasts roughly a month in allied crossplay settings. Assuming it passes muster by the player community (and barring any refactors which will also need to be tested), it will officially enter status as a 1C Open solution for anyone in the community to adopt. Like all 1C Open cards, Hand of Adaptus will be offered as a solution to long-standing issues in core Hasbro/WotC #transformerstcg play without an expectation of credit. We just want players and player groups to play a better game!

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