Team Bayformers

Week 3 Winners! Don’t Lose your Light!

The crew of the Lost Light is delivering our final bag of presents to lucky winners in the final week of our giveaway! But how can they call themselves the Lost Light crew… when there are so many holiday lights?

Congratulations to our Week 3 Winners in our Transformers TCG Holiday Giveaway! Freshly loaded into the Lost Light’s cargo bay, 3 printed cards etched with the holiday spirit of the Aspect of Laughter are headed to their mailboxes.

But if you didn’t win free holiday cards this year, fear not! You can print off your own by visiting our Downloads page! But be quick – it’s going away with the New Year.

With the conclusion of our 2021 Holiday Giveaway, I suppose there’s nothing to look forward to when it comes to free cards… except for all the giveaways we’re doing in the New Year! In fact, the end of the holidays only means we’re going to give away even more cards that look just like the ones printed by Hasbro… and there might even be complete sets of World|Strike and other allied crossplay sets up for grabs! Stay tuned for coming announcements soon.

And have a TRANSFORMATIVE New Year!