Team Bayformers

All the #winning begins in Holiday Giveaway Week 1!

Can you just feel the spirit of giving washing over you this holiday season?! Congratulations to our Week 1 Winners in our Transformers TCG Holiday Giveaway! Already, 3 printed cards emblazoned with the festive spirit of the Aspect of Laughter are headed to their mailboxes. And thanks so much for everyone’s input into the kinds of upcoming Transformers TCG events that will appeal to you in the New Year!

But are you looking for some free holiday cards of your own? It’s not too late to enter the giveaway! Indeed, for the next two weeks, we’ll have 16 more sets of the holiday Aspect of Laughter to give away to #transformerstcg fans and players. All you have to do is enter! Our second set of winners will be announced next Wednesday. Good luck to all those yet to win cards. And have a TRANSFORMATIVE New Year!

Enter our 2021 Holiday Giveaway! Only 2 weeks left to win!