Team Bayformers

Put some Junk in your jank with 0.2.4’s Junkions!

Everyone’s likely cleaning up all the post-holiday junk, but don’t throw this last bit in the trash! We’ve been teasing their arrival since the beginning of the Waste|Lands Public Beta, and they’ve finally arrived. Junkions in the #transformerstcg bring a myriad of surprising – and often, confusing and mystifying – abilities to the battlefield! And they await your download in the Waste|Lands 0.2.4 Public Beta! For starters, check out their peerless leader, Wreck-Gar, The Big Cheese! Now With More Cheese!

Wreck-Gar, The Big Cheese! Now With More Cheese!
Cheesy, to be sure – but you’ll want an extra helping.

Since most of the Junkions and some of the stratagems in Waste|Lands use the new station and Vehicle mechanics, we thought we’d put together an illustrated guide to help. This guide goes through the steps to play stations and Vehicles, in most scenarios of play.

So, what’s next in the Waste|Lands Public Beta? Not much! Already, 153 of the 160 cards in Waste|Lands have been revealed. One final reveal phase remains – then the march to release. If you’re looking at all the cards in Waste|Lands and would like to send us your feedback, use the form! The next couple of weeks will be spent on refinements towards the final 0.2.5 reveal. Stay tuned!