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KingNaga wins Encounter 5!

With the end of Encounter 5 comes the crowning of a new champion: KingNaga and his unassailable Fortress Maximus deck combined with Flintlock! Kudos go also to our second-place player Ozzy, whose Soundwave deck showed many surprises. Encounter 5 has been an unforgettable event, with twists and turns galore. We had so much fun supporting Turbo Revving Old Punks and their inaugural set Phase One – it’s safe to say that we’ll be supporting them in bigger ways very soon.

Want to watch the shocking finals of Encounter 5? Watch the action on YouTube.

All of the winning decklists for Encounter 5 have been posted on

As the announcement image suggests, there’s a whole lot more coming from Team Bayformers very soon – but we don’t want to jump the gun. Honestly, what’s coming is going to be huge for all players in the community, and we can’t wait to share more details.

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