Team Bayformers

Get Rolling with Rolling Actions!

The new Rolling Actions in Wave BFB Waste|Lands have been getting a huge pop in the community! Already players are talking about possibilities for play and constructing Rolling Action decks. But a few have asked, “How do you play these new Actions?” Check our guide on Rolling Actions above. With the right setup, a player can set up a strategy to take advantage of a carefully placed array of Rolling Actions to achieve victory!

This week’s got even more surprises coming for players tuned into the Waste|Lands Public Beta. The reception to the 0.2.1 testing phase has set records! This leads to the next phase – 0.2.2 – and all-new cards and mechanics that the community has yet to see and test! Check back this weekend for the still-developing future of the #transformerstcg.

Want to check out the Waste|Lands 0.2.1 Public Beta? You can download the cards, provide feedback, and even play the cards online in our Discord!