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Weekly Roundup: Waste|Lands Beta, Encounter 4, and more!

Without a doubt, this has been one of the biggest weeks in Team Bayformers history! The Waste|Lands Public Beta started, Encounter 4 was announced, and more! Rather than split up all of the announcements and events of the past week, we’ve compiled them here for your convenience (and hype). Here’s everything that’s happening in the world of Team Bayformers #transformerstcg.

Waste|Lands - A Team Bayformers Transformers TCG Wave. Target: Planet Junkion

The Wave BFB Waste|Lands Public Beta has begun!

By far the biggest news of the week: the beginning of the Waste|Lands Public Beta! The Team and the alpha testers have been working on Wave BFB since the 1.0 release of World|Strike, and finally, Waste|Lands is hitting the beta testing tables. Coming to the community in five phases, Waste|Lands will introduce all-new mechanics to the #transformerstcg.

Did you miss our Waste|Lands reveal mini-strip? Here it is!

There were also some big spoiler reveals that were dropped by friends of the community. Check them out!

Ready to dive into all the new gameplay of the Public Beta? See our Downloads page to print and play the cards released thus far! And if you have feedback once you’ve played the cards, stop by our Feedback form and give us your say!

Waste|Lands is also on Tabletop Simulator!

The Waste|Lands Beta is on Tabletop Simulator!

Digital players, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you! Not every #transformerstcg player finds print and play the best channel for play. In the last few months, Transformers TCG gameplay on Tabletop Simulator has spiked. The Team has been enjoying many games with multiple community sets via that platform. And now, we’re bringing the cards of Waste|Lands to Tabletop Simulator players as well!

Friend of the community CKirk has partnered with Team Bayformers to keep Wave BFB Public Beta content fresh and up-to-date with the release of each test phase! Just subscribe to the Transformers TCG Deck Building mod on Steam Workshop and begin building decks that include cards in the Public Beta today!

World|Strike Tournament Season Two: Encounter 4 starts soon

Tournament Season One: Encounter 4 open registration

With Waste|Lands news out of the way, we’re happy to move forward with the next competitive event, and it’s a doozy! It’s safe to say that Encounter 4 will be the biggest crossplay #transformerstcg competitive event in history. And that’s due to the collision of two of the most popular community sets: World|Strike and The Ark Wave One! And this global webcam tournament begins in just two weeks. So get your crossplay decks and your game faces ready! Register for Encounter 4 at

What to do when oppressive cards dominate the meta?  Throw them into Garrus-9.

Introducing the Garrus-9 Competitive Format!

Encounter 4 also happens to be the first Team Bayformers competitive event to use the brand-new Garrus-9 format! This format for tournaments uses temporary ban lists to keep the competitive game fresh. Maybe Horri-Bull is making too much of a stink in Top 8s, organizers? Send him to Garrus-9! Is Grenade Launcher launching your players to therapy? It can go to the clink! But be warned – no card stays in Garrus-9 for long… and when they reappear in the competitive scene, an ominous warning sounds as the doors slide open, letting all players know to be on their guard. It’s a dynamic scene sure to help produce spontaneous moments of fun and skill!

Encounter 4 already has its Garrus-9 prisoners locked up, as Fangry, Decepticon Quake, Fusion Borer, and Fight for Position cool their heels for this event. But don’t sleep – they’ll be back for Encounter 5, and a new slate of prisoners will go to lock-up.

Crossplay #transformerstcg! It just FEELS GOOD!

Upcoming “How to Crossplay #transformerstcg” Content!

Finally, we’re really pleased to be bringing you an upcoming slate of valuable content designed to help players get the most out of crossplay #transformerstcg! We in Team Bayformers believe always that Cards Are Best When Played Together. Understandably, players may be intimidated by the notion of playing with multiple community sets, and distinct challenges arise in the process.

We’ve interviewed a number of players, creators, and tournament organizers on how they’re been able to bring crossplay to the community. We anticipate bringing this cache of wisdom and resources will help players better achieve crossplay nirvana! This content will be of great use to players, community leaders, and organizers alike to further a more united gameplay in the #transformerstcg community.

That concludes the roundup! Next week will surely bring an onslaught of updated news. Want to connect with the Team more directly? Join our community Discord!