Team Bayformers

Take the Shot; don’t Lie in Wait in Season Two!

We’ve revealed Rolling Actions to the world in the Wave BFB Waste|Lands 0.2.1 Public Beta – and getting a ton of positive feedback! With that, we’re going to peer into the months ahead to help our competitive players prepare for the future.

World|Strike Tournament Season One is still rolling strong going into its Encounter 4 event. However, there lies a new Season beyond that: Waste|Lands Tournament Season Two! And two powerful cards will be banned: Peace Through Tyranny and Security Checkpoint. These excessive, swingy cards have bent the meta for too long, and we’re replacing them next Season. In their place comes two entirely new Rolling Actions: Lie in Wait and Take the Shot! Depending on the community’s reception, these cards may be simply Seasonal replacements. With success, they may become something more permanent within the Team Bayformers competitive community. We’ll see how they perform in the new Season! In the spirit of community, we’ll be offering these cards as PTT and SecCheck replacements for any group to use. Any competitive scene is free to use the cards as replacements as they see fit.

And what’s that strange wave symbol all about? Only the future – a singular future – can tell…