Team Bayformers

Reveal: Decepticon Wingthing, Loyal, Lethal Cohort

“It ain’t nothing but a Wingthing!” That’s what your #transformerstcg opponent might say when Decepticon Wingthing emerges on your team, but we guarantee your Soundwave deck will be grateful for his batty presence.

Let’s start with that alt mode ability. Stealth while untapped is always nice (and is a staple with many cassettes). However, that move damage clause will fire more than you think with the right deck composition! Not only will Recover Cassette repair Wingthing to full when he ejects again from Soundwave or Blaster, but he will also lend a hand with a moved damage counter from a teammate. Obviously, Wingthing getting KO’d will also move damage, but a handy I Still Function! or Involuntary Promotion will also do extra work here.

The bot mode ability also provides some spice! So many cards place cards on top of decks (Plan abilities, Incoming Transmission, Mining Pick, etc., etc., etc.), but likely the most relevant is Soundwave himself and his related battle card Intercept Communications. Wingthing may actually bring this underutilized star card back into the rotation!

Do you think Decepticon Wingthing is fly? Do his abilities leave you all wrapped up in tape? Come let us know in the Waste|Lands Public Beta! You can download the Beta cards, provide Beta feedback, and even join our Discord, where the majority of testing is occurring. See you on the Waste|Lands!