Team Bayformers

Congratulations to Brettasaurus!

Encounter 3 has closed, and Brettasaurus has taken the crown! Never sleep on the Wave 5 meta – Brett’s evil 3-headed Quake deck took everyone by surprise and won the day. Congratulations also to Ogar for taking 2nd Place in Encounter 3 with his equally intimidating Skybull deck. Our competitive players are much more likely in the future to prepare for the meta decks of the past – and it’ll be interesting to see how well they adapt!

We’re eager to announce our next event’s details, and Encounter 4 combines gameplay between World|Strike and Ark Wave One. Also up for reveal: an all-new competitive format! Registration for Encounter 4 and the details of that new format are coming later this week. Prepare for an all-new competitive gameplay experience!