Team Bayformers

Reveal: Crash the Bash

Oh, we know that “spoiler season” for Wave BFA World|Strike is over… but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about awesome cards! So how about we talk about crashing the next Transformers TCG party with the power of the Squeeze? And this one was brought to you by the line art talents of Bayformers’ very own billmoo and the fantastic colors of KrinSyn!

When Wave 5 was released, and players started discovering the utilities (and horrors) of Fangry and Horri-Bull, something was missing. Where, oh where, was the last of the original G1 Small Headmasters? Where was the crabbiest of the Nebulon-partnered Decepticons? As one that grew up with a treasured Squeezeplay, I felt the void immensely.

Now Arises the Ocean Terror

Now players need wait no longer, as rising from the depths comes Crashbash! Official monikers aside, Crashbash is looking for a mixed reception with the next enemy team he attacks. And mixed options he gets!

In alt mode, Crashbash is looking to get a big swing on attack – but not at the expense of his healthy Defense totals. Therefore, he gets +2 attack as long as the number of orange icons he flips is equal to or less than his Defense total at the time of his attack. Keep in mind that blue pips flipped on attack do not add to your Defense totals according to the official rules. So if you’re looking to maximize your attack, it’s good to look towards balancing your orange pip and + Defense options! An easy route here is pairing him with Alpha Sentinel for the + Defense boost. Perhaps an Emergency Barricade will allow you more orange flips? In a purely blue or blue-black deck, Crashbash is nearly guaranteed to get his bonus.

But it’s his bot mode ability that will likely inspire fear in the opponent for many decks. Always known for his extensive reach, Crashbash puts this to work. If the opponent is keeping their most critical characters away from harm’s reach via tapping last or using Brave or Stealth, Crashbash doesn’t much mind. For he has the ability to move any damage done on his attack onto any enemy he wishes if he manages to flip an orange and blue pip. This can be crucial for eliminating enemy Patrol leaders, a well-protected Arcee, or any single character critical to your opponent’s strategy… but keep in mind that the opponent has many answers for this. A well-placed Bomb Removal Protocol will effectively fizzle any attempt to move the attack damage, and End Hostilities will keep you from activating it.

A Helping Hand… err, Head

For both of Crashbash’s mode abilities, it’s good to have tools to help pull them off – which is why his original partner Lokos is a natural fit! Granting Plan 2 each time Crashbash battles, it’ll be even easier to audit and plan your pips to maximize their value. And Crashbash’s stratagem Squeeze Play (see what we did there?) loads up your deck with even more orange/blue cards to make it happen. Want a different route than Plan? An Autobot-flavored solution also exists with Focus heads like Autobot Teslor and Emissary.

Does Crashbash give you a crushing amount of confidence for your next deck? Or does Crashbash put you into a bit of a crunch? Come check out the Wave BFA Public Beta phase 0.3.5, and get a-head of the new meta!