Discuss: Beastbox

Let’s mix things up in this exciting new era of the Transformers TCG – how about discussing one of the new cards in The Ark’s Wave 1? Suddenly, there’s a wild gorilla on the loose ripping the arms off of the opponent’s Autobots – and his name is Beastbox! And get ready, because he’s perfectly set up to deliver a 1-2 punch!

Beastbox Ain’t Monkeyin’ Around

Beastbox’s status as a Mini-Cassette automatically gives him synergy with Soundwave, and some clever play can set you up for success, especially against Autobots. Perhaps you’ve already got a Magnetic Dysfunction Ray loaded up in hand? Play the MDR while Soundwave is still the only character on your team to take a point of damage. Then flip to alt mode to unleash Beastbox, and watch as he tears into the nearest MDR-tenderized Autobot with a +2 attack bonus! This can already swing the tempo in your favor… but wait, there’s more!

As Soundwave ejects Mini-Cassettes, you’re also looking at the opponent’s hand and putting a card on top of their deck. This is where Beastbox can put it to work! Maybe Soundwave placed a handy The Bigger They Are…? Flipping to alt mode, Beastbox can play that strategically-positioned Action – suddenly, one of the Mini-Cassettes on the field is much bigger!

We at Bayformers have already been playing a ton of Ark cards in the course of the World|Strike Public Beta, and we’re really excited about the future of crossplay. Beastbox is particular gets a lot of utility from our Melee-boosting cards. Given Soundwave’s ease into slipping into a blue deck, cards like Angolmois Surge are a natural fit for Beastbox. How about that 7 base attack?

Is Beastbox inspiring in you some gorilla warfare? Or is Beastbox throwing a lot of red tape into your strategy? Check out The Ark’s Wave 1 and bring some print-and-play power into your next game! And while you’re at it, check out the cards in the Wave BFA World|Strike Public Beta!