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What did the Transformers TCG community say in the latest survey?

Recently, Brian Alan of Wreck ‘N Rule fame released to the Transformers TCG community a survey on their experiences in the current game. The trove of data that was returned by the community demands analysis and response! Here’s what that data means to Team Bayformers and the allied crossplay community – and the changes it leads to.

But be prepared going into the article. It’s an extremely hefty read.

Read our analysis and reactions to the October 2021 community survey here!

Transformers TCG

These four starter decks are fantastic!

Beginners to the Transformers TCG! We’ve put together some of our favorite starter decks in a new article! Additionally, we’ve included information on where you can get low-cost cards and cards for trade to buff up your collection.

Check out our starter decks and let us know how they play!

Team Bayformers Turbo Revving Old Punks

Guest article: Ozzy presents “Soundwave Superior”

Orange Soundwave arrives to strike terror in the minds of #transformerstcg players! The orange “tape deck” space is typically more associated with decks including Blaster, Communications. In Encounter 5, this Soundwave, Communications deck came to disprove this assumption – and placed second!

We in Team Bayformers are pleased to bring you this decklist breakdown by its creator and pilot in Encounter 5, Ozzy. Enjoy!

Turbo Revving Old Punks

Monster Menagerie has been released!

We in Team Bayformers heartily congratulate our fellow #transformerstcg creators The Turbo Revving Old Punks for the release of their second community set for the game: Monster Menagerie! The Team had a hand in helping make Monster Menagerie happen. We’re really excited about the exciting new gameplay options it brings to the table. Start off Halloween right! Download and play all the cards via zipped images or PDF in Monster Menagerie today!

Events Team Bayformers Turbo Revving Old Punks

KingNaga wins Encounter 5!

With the end of Encounter 5 comes the crowning of a new champion: KingNaga and his unassailable Fortress Maximus deck combined with Flintlock! Kudos go also to our second-place player Ozzy, whose Soundwave deck showed many surprises. Encounter 5 has been an unforgettable event, with twists and turns galore. We had so much fun supporting Turbo Revving Old Punks and their inaugural set Phase One – it’s safe to say that we’ll be supporting them in bigger ways very soon.

Team Bayformers

Get Rolling with Rolling Actions!

The new Rolling Actions in Wave BFB Waste|Lands have been getting a huge pop in the community! Already players are talking about possibilities for play and constructing Rolling Action decks. But a few have asked, “How do you play these new Actions?” Check our guide on Rolling Actions above. With the right setup, a player can set up a strategy to take advantage of a carefully placed array of Rolling Actions to achieve victory!

This week’s got even more surprises coming for players tuned into the Waste|Lands Public Beta. The reception to the 0.2.1 testing phase has set records! This leads to the next phase – 0.2.2 – and all-new cards and mechanics that the community has yet to see and test! Check back this weekend for the still-developing future of the #transformerstcg.

Want to check out the Waste|Lands 0.2.1 Public Beta? You can download the cards, provide feedback, and even play the cards online in our Discord!

Team Bayformers

Take the Shot; don’t Lie in Wait in Season Two!

We’ve revealed Rolling Actions to the world in the Wave BFB Waste|Lands 0.2.1 Public Beta – and getting a ton of positive feedback! With that, we’re going to peer into the months ahead to help our competitive players prepare for the future.

World|Strike Tournament Season One is still rolling strong going into its Encounter 4 event. However, there lies a new Season beyond that: Waste|Lands Tournament Season Two! And two powerful cards will be banned: Peace Through Tyranny and Security Checkpoint. These excessive, swingy cards have bent the meta for too long, and we’re replacing them next Season. In their place comes two entirely new Rolling Actions: Lie in Wait and Take the Shot! Depending on the community’s reception, these cards may be simply Seasonal replacements. With success, they may become something more permanent within the Team Bayformers competitive community. We’ll see how they perform in the new Season! In the spirit of community, we’ll be offering these cards as PTT and SecCheck replacements for any group to use. Any competitive scene is free to use the cards as replacements as they see fit.

And what’s that strange wave symbol all about? Only the future – a singular future – can tell…

Team Bayformers

A Legendary Waste|Lands spoiler featuring Tread Bolt!

What’s that up in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s… a plane! But this one acts a lot like Nemesis Prime, Dark Clone and also hits like a truck! Friend of the community Legendary Void brings to Waste|Lands spoiler season a deck tech video, where he takes what seems like an irrelevant mass of cards and turns it into a synergistic typhoon of Horri-Bull, new stratagem Code Push, and new character Tread Bolt, Devil of the Deep Blue Sky!

How about a closer look at the intrepid Autobot plane? Here’s a exclusive look!

Tread Bolt, Devil of the Deep Blue Sky

Want to check out the Waste|Lands Public Beta? Your curiosity won’t be wasted! You can download and print it, add critical feedback, and join our Discord!

Team Bayformers

One Year After the #transformerstcg Cancellation

This happened a year ago. It’s still hard to believe, even 12 months later. The months following the #transformerstcg cancellation were some of the roughest months of gaming we’ve experienced. And many of the relationships we had forged surrounding the game forever changed. But, even amid the strife and mourning, we knew there was the chance for something new – something special – something that was yet to be discovered. And months after the cancellation, we’re only looking forward to the future of this game.

And the future of this game continues to arrive. Till all are one!

Ark Team Bayformers Turbo Revving Old Punks

Video: Megatron vs. Tidal Wave

Could it be a Waste|Lands reveal video? It is! Thanks to friends of the community Dave and Claire from the Energon Hustlers for this sneak peek into Megatron, Sharkticon Tyrant! Watch what happens when Tidal Wave attacks his Aquarium of Death. This one combines cards from TROP Phase One, The Ark Wave One, World|Strike, and Waste|Lands!

Want to get a closer look at Megatron, Sharkticon Tyrant? Here’s a exclusive closer look at the 0.2.1 version.

Megatron, Sharkticon Tyrant